Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dichotomous Keys

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that my super delayed post containing over a month's worth of photos for the 365 photo challenge should be coming soon, Lord willing. Quizzes and homework have been piling up and a research essay was just added on, so yeah *sigh* What I dream "normal" life is probably won't be coming anytime soon :P

But, until I do get to those photos and posts and stuff, I thought I'd share with you some of my homework! :D This week in Biology class, we were told to make dichotomous keys on 10 living organisms. I chose to do dogs :) If you have a free moment, why don't you try it out? You probably already know what most of the dogs' names are...but it's still fun! :) Post your answers in the comments box! :D

Have a great weekend!!

  Dog 1

 Dog 2

 Dog 3

 Dog 4

 Dog 5

 Dog 6

 Dog 7

 Dog 8

 Dog 9

 Dog 10

Dog Key

Step 1

If the dog has ears that lie against the head. . .
then go to Step 2

If the dog has ears that stick straight up. . .
then go to Step 3

Step 5

If the dog has tan-and-black fur, 
it is a German Shepherd

If the dog has grey-and-white fur, 
it is a Siberian Husky
Step 2

If the dog has spots, 
it is a Dalmatian 

If the dog is unspotted. . .
then go to step 4

Step 6

If the dog has long hair, 
it is a Yorkshire Terrier

If the dog has rather short, close cropped fur, 
it is a Chihuahua
Step 3

If the dog is big (20+ kg) and wolf-like. . .
then go to step 5

If the dog is very small (3-7 kg) in size. . . 
then go to step 6
Step 7

If the dog has ears shorter than its head, 
it is a Labrador Retriever

If the dog has ears that are twice the size of the head, 
it is a Basset Hound
Step 4

If the dog has a broad nose. . . 
then go to step 7

If the dog has a skinny narrow nose. . .
then go to step 8

If the dog has a flat nose, 
it is a Pug
Step 8

If the dog has fluffy, marshmallow like fur, 
it is a Poodle

If the dog has a long, hotdog shaped body, 
it is a Dachshund


  1. Fun!! I knew most of them, but it was fun to use the key!! ;)

    1. Hehe, yeah, I used pretty common dogs :P

      Glad you had fun using the key though! :D


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