Saturday, 20 February 2016

Days #346 - #356

Here are the pictures from the past two weeks. Hope you enjoy! :) 

Tuesday, February 9: Mini Chocolate Cookies 

Wednesday, February 10: Microwaved Pancake
Experimenting to try and find easier ways to make pancakes without frying ;)
This actually turned out better than expected. The only thing missing is the
fried part :P Imagine eating just the inside of a pancake, no brown part. That's what
micro-waved pancake tastes like :D 
Thursday, February 11: The Driver's Handbook
Want to guess who's reading it? ;) 
Friday, February 12: Birthday Present
Thank you so much, Mom and Dad!
 Saturday, February 13: Teddy Bear

Sunday, February 14: Aspiring Cook

Monday, February 15: Latin Flashcards

Tuesday, February 16: The Pantry
After grocery shopping, our shelves usually start to look like the store itself ;) 
Wednesday, February 17: Bacteria Experiment

Thursday, February 18: Homemade Backed Churros

 Friday, February 19: Bacteria again! 
If I had only thought ahead of time, I would not have rubbed my fingers over the
whole dish. Because guess what? I have to count all the bacteria colonies. And in case you're
wondering what the bacteria colonies are....they're the teensy weeny dots all over the agar. After about 4-5000
I had to stop since my eyes were feeling very strained :P But yeah. Lesson learned. Read ALL the instructions
BEFORE you do the experiment!! 


  1. Are you learning how to drive??
    The food looks so good! Our pantry looks the store too when we finish going shopping!! :D
    Thanks for posting!

    1. Yes, I'm learning how to drive! :D Once I turn 16, I'm allowed to start working toward my G1, which is what I'm planning on doing.

      Hehe, I guess that usually happens in big families, doesn't it? And then when you go to check out, the cashier asks you what's the party for :P

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Congrats on 'getting to read' the driver's handbook, Blessing! :)
    Ooo, that bacteria is cool!

  3. More great photos. Is it harder to come up with things to take pictures of now that you've been doing it for so long?

    1. Haha, yes, it IS getting harder to come up with things to take pictures of! I find it's even harder in winter because I prefer taking pictures outside, and outside is usually just white snow. Or mud. No flowers or birds. Yet! :)


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