Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Very Hairy Adventure

Ok that title sounds kinda off. But oh well. I made the mistake of having a cappuccino at like 7pm last night and I only had around 6 hours of sleep. My mind is a liiiiitle wonky. (ask my friend...I think she mighta thought I was going mental or something ;)) So just a warning...this post is going to sound VERY scatter-brained. You all get to have a taste of what I'm like with too much coffee and too little sleep ;)

Anyway! Onto this very interesting "adventure".  First off, I should probably say, I rarely ever go to a salon to get my hair cut. The last time I went I think was around 6 years ago? But Mom or my sister normally just cut it and there done. However, this time around, since we were in Singapore, Mom thought it would be a good idea to get it cut here. So I did.

Oh yeah, so have I ever told you all of the first (and so far only) time I donated my hair? I was 6 at the time and Mom did my worst nightmare. She made a mistake and my hair ended up at my chin. MY CHIN. That was a very scarring experience...I'm scared every time scissors come near my head now.

So what happened when I went into that salon? Well...I understood less than half of what the hairdressers were saying. They were speaking English, but Singaporeans have well - a very Singaporean accent and I can't understand it. They also don't understand me. Don't believe it? Here's what happened at a bakery we were at a couple days ago.

Me: May I have the pork floss please?
Them: Peanut butter?
Me: Nooo...floss
Them: KAYA??
Me: help

So there. Aaaanyway, when I realized I couldn't understand barely any of what they were saying, I was starting to freak out. I mean, what if they cut off too much? I only wanted to trim it since I'm trying to grow it out. I started to back out...but Mom really wanted me to get my hair cut there. So I sent up a quick prayer and went in.

The minute I sat down in the chair and let my hair out, the hairdresser's eyes just about popped out and this time I understood what he said. "Wow. That's...long" (And in my head I was just going "yep! it's long! I want to keep it that way!!!!)

Then he started playing with my hair (which feels perfectly horrid just staying. I mean, a strange man feeling my hair and looking at it and YEAH). Anyway, he commented again on how long it was and then said something about layers and he made an indication about where he was gonna cut it and I nearly died. I don't remember much of the conversation following,  but I know that I stressed over and over AND OVER again that I wanted to keep it long. "just trim it" "keep it long" "LONG layers" "long" "long" "LONG"

And then the dreaded moment came. The scissors went snip and I closed my eyes and reminded myself "Don't worry. Hair grows back. It'll grow back. It. Will. Grow. Back."

I finally found the courage to open my eyes...and there was the smallest little bit of hair on the ground. *happy sigh* the time he was done, my hair looked like it hadn't even been touched xD I mean, the dead ends were gone...but the length was there! YIPPEEEEEEE (yeah yeah yeah, you all probably think I'm crazy :P)

Oh yeahh and also some funny things I also observed at the salon. So when your hair is long:
// people keep saying how long it is

// your hair fills the entire sink (and they comment again on how long it is xD)

// the guy washing your hair takes several pumps of shampoo and starts to rub it in...then realizes he's gonna need waaaay more

// it takes TWO guys to blow dry your hair (i just about died laughing when this happened)

Oh yeah. And guess what? I'M A BRUNETTE.

Kinda. Because yeah. I was being super adventurous and ended up going into TWO salons in one day. So basically, a few weeks ago, Mom thought it would be fun if I got highlights. I was a little skeptical of it at first, but finally decided to give it a try. So after I got my hair cut, we found a salon and in I went.

You all. I came out looking like a brunette.

It was supposed to be black with brown highlights. looked waaay more like brown with black highlights.

Hehe soooo remember that little fiasco where I stressed long layers? Oops...not the best for highlights. Anyway, not the highlights I was looking for. Instead of highlighting the nonexistent layers...he streaked the top....and then pretty much dyed my entire bottom half brown. I will say, it's a very nice brown and a natural brown at that...but STILL. I'm still in disbelief about my "highlights". I think I do like it...but I doubt I'd ever do this again. Really...every time I see my hair I just keep going "IT'S BROWN"

So yeah! That happened this week. How has your week gone? 😄