Sunday, 28 December 2014

Singapore - Part 10

Okay, here's a whirlwind summary of the past few days. (I'm trying to catch up to today's events. I've fallen behind on my posts. Again.)

We found a Krispy Kreme's and bought a dozen doughnuts. The snowflake and snowman doughnut looked so nice that I couldn't eat them. I think the boys ate them though.

Nice family photo
My oldest cousin, Cousin 1, plays rugby, so Tiger Lily and I went along to watch him for a bit. I took a few photos, but we happened to be on the far side of the field and all of the pictures turned out blurry. Oh well.

Our dad's cousin owns an Italian restaurant and he invited us over for dinner.

Toblerone was given a lollipop. He loved it!

Later that evening, we went to Marina Bay to watch a laser show. We missed the show, but we saw a lot of other lighted things instead.

Mom and Dare Devil
Toblerone found this chain and he just HAD to play with it. :)

Mom had put a flower in hair and I tried to take a picture. I did not purposely try to make it look as if the horse was smelling the flower. Honest!

Singapore - Part 9

Phoon Huat. The best store with the best baking accessories! They had beautiful sugar flowers, cute candles, uniquely shaped candy moods, and, Mom's favourite: CUPCAKE PAPERS!

There was a whole wall with shelves filled with cupcake papers. I think Mom spent most of her time in Phoon Huat right here.

 Stacks and stacks....

 Rows and rows...

 There were squiggly lined papers...

 Tiny floral papers...
 Butterfly printed papers...
 Soccer papers...
 Silver and gold papers...
 Striped papers...
 Pink-with-a-bird papers....

And LOTS more! As you can see, Mom had her hands full!

 And Toblerone just slept through it all. :)

Later on that day, we went to visit a friend of Mom and Dad's. While we were there, the boys made some rather interesting faces for me. 

 This is what we had for dinner. It was delicious!

 After we had prayed over the food, Toblerone pretended to pray as well.

 He's so cute!

 Oh, and he found out that he could stick his head through the back of the chair. He amused himself for about five minutes sticking his head out, then pulling it back in. :P