Monday, 8 December 2014

Singapore Trip - Part 1

Yay!!! We're in Singapore! This is the first time I've ever tried to make a long photo story of anything, so there might be a few awkward points. But just bear with me and try to ignore all my mistakes :) The scenes here are amazing and very different for me. You could say I'm like the country mouse that moved in to be with the city mouse :)

Our trip began on Thursday at 2 in the morning.

Poor Toblerone! 

We went to the airport and waited until we could board the plane. Tiger Lily and I took photos of each other to pass the time.

And Toblerone wandered around with his pants hitched up :)

We had to take three planes, one to New York, another to Japan, and a final one to Singapore. I got a window seat on the first plane and took a snap or two out of the my window. 

Newark Airport

These guys have been journaling about almost
everything that's been happening!

 After a long 14- 15 hour flight, we reached Narita (Japan) Airport.

Toblerone was tired but still extremely active. He was very
fidgety and seemed to want to explore the entire airport!d

They boys had a wonderful view of the planes moving around the
runway and preparing to fly off. 
"Look at that plane!"

I had two cameras, so I gave Ironman one of them. He took a
lot of pictures of the planes :D

One of my favorite pictures that Ironman took was this one.  He captured that bit of bright sky wonderfully!

DareDevil was stuck to the window watching the planes. 

We reached Singapore at 2:30 in the morning in Singaporean time. So 1:30 in the afternoon Canadian time. Unfortunately, I was too tired to take any photos and it was really dark anyway. Mom wanted us to wear warm clothes so that we wouldn't get cold on the plane. My clothes didn't bother me until we got to Singapore. I was wearing track pants, a long sleeve shirt, socks, shoes, and a sweater. The minute we got into the Singapore airport, I started sweating. So did everyone else! :) We met Mom's brother's family and our great-uncle and great-aunt once we got through Immigration and had chased after all our suitcases ;) Then we drove home and went straight to sleep!


  1. Hi Blessing!
    I'm new to your blog, but wow! Singapore? Seriously? That is so cool! I've never left the USA in my life, so to hear about someone travelling across the world is amazing! I hope you have a wonderful trip, God Bless!

  2. Hi Calamity Rene! I'm glad you visited the blog! :)

  3. I'm finally finding time to go back and catch up on your trip! I'm sure it was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to reading all about it. :)

  4. do you like airplane rides? I never have went inside a real
    airplane. and of course not a moving one!

  5. Hi Sonia! I'm glad you dropped by :D
    Airplane rides are fun, but it sometimes gets a little tiring when you have to sit for 10- 15 hours straight.


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