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Five Fall Favourites // Day Five

*gasp* Last day of the party!!! did time go by so fast?! It seems like the beginning of the party was just yesterday!! Where did the week go?! 

Oh wait! There's still Saturday. Whew. But today will be the last official day of the party. Tomorrow there'll still be two more genres and the winners will be announced to at Rebekah's blog. So I hope you'll be able to stick around for one more day ;) 

There will also be a survey that you can take to tell us what you thought of the survey! I'll attach a link at the bottom of the post :) 

Now let's get onto the books, shall we? 

Middle Grade 
Ohhhh….I read SO many wonderful books in my younger years, it was excruciatingly hard narrowing down this list. I will let you know now, there are waaaay more books that I would have loved to add here. You’ll have to be satisfied with just these five! :) 

The Aldens begin their adventure by making a home in a boxcar. Their goal is to stay together, and in the process they find a grandfather.

One of my absolute favourite childhood books ever! You won't believe how many of these books I read in this series. It was only after years of reading Boxcar Children that I realized that Ms. Warner had actually only written the first 19 or so books :P But I still enjoyed the others as well :) 

Times are tough around the little brown house! The widowed Mrs. Pepper has to sew all day long just to earn enough to pay the rent and to feed the five growing Peppers. But she faces poverty and trouble with a stout heart, a smiling face, and the help of her jolly brood: blue-eyed Ben, the eldest and the man of the house at the age of 11; pretty Polly, so eager to cook for the family and make everyone happy and comfortable; and the three littlest Peppers, Joel, Davie, and baby Phronsie.
A favorite of children, parents, and teachers for generations, this heartwarming classic first appeared in 1880. Since then, it has inspired countless young imaginations with its tender tales of the ways in which courage and good cheer can overcome adversity.

Polly used to be my role model for the longest time!! She still kind of is ;) Her cheerfulness and willingness to help everybody and anybody was infectious. And the family love between the Peppers was so amazing and all the characters were so loveable and ahhh....I just love the Peppers so much!! And Jasper. And Mr. King! A classic in my mind. The books ('s a series!!! ^_^) are really clean too, not like most of the books of nowadays :/ 

Pieces of Magic 

Remember when you were a child—when all the world was new, and the smallest object a thing of wonder? Arleta Richardson remembers: the funny wearable wire contraption hidden in the dusty attic, the century-old schoolchild's slate that belonged to Grandma, an ancient trunk filled with quilt pieces—each with its own special story—and the button basket, a miracle of mysteries. And best of all was the remarkable grandmother who made magic of all she touched, bringing the past alive as only a born storyteller could.

Here are those marvelous tales—faithfully recalled for the delight of young and old alike, a touchstone to another day when life was simpler, perhaps richer; when the treasures of family life and love were passed from generation to generation by a child's questions...and the legends that followed enlarged our faith.

If she told her new family what she saw, would anyone believe her?

Her Irish father having died in a construction accident, Kate OConnell and her mother are left to struggle alone in the Minneapolis of 1906. Deciding her mother needs help, twelve-year-old Kate goes to pray with their pastor about getting her mother a new husband.

But when God answers their prayers, even Kate is not prepared for the changes. Her mothers remarriage involves becoming part of a Swedish family with two brothers and one sister on a farm in northwest Wisconsin. Such a big change is made harder when Anders, who is also twelve, gets mad at Kate and seems determined to make her life miserable.

As conflicts erupt with Anders, strange occurrences begin to happen around the farm. Kate is convinced she sees someone lurking about, but why? Are their lives in danger?

It was hard enough for Mr. Popper to support himself, Mrs. Popper, Bill and Janie Popper. The addition of twelve penguins to the family made it impossible to make both ends meet. Then Mr. Popper had a splendid idea-the talented penguins would be a sensation on the stage. And so they were....
A classic of American humor, this story of a gentle house-painter and his high-stepping penguins has delighted children for generations. 

If a hungry little traveler shows up at your house, you might want to give him a cookie. If you give him a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. He'll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and then he'll ask for a pair of scissors to give himself a trim....

The consequences of giving a cookie to this energetic mouse run the young host ragged, but young readers will come away smiling at the antics that tumble like dominoes through the pages of this delightful picture book.

In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is a little bunny. "Goodnight room, goodnight moon." And to all the familiar things in the softly lit room -- to the picture of the three little bears sitting on chairs, to the clocks and his socks, to the mittens and the kittens, to everything one by one -- the little bunny says goodnight. 
James Herriot's Treasury for Children collects all of the beloved veterinarian's delightful tales for young readers. From the springtime frolic of Oscar, Cat-About-Town to the yuletide warmth of The Christmas Day Kitten, these stories—radiantly illustrated by Peter Barrett and Ruth Brown—are perennial favorites, and this new complete edition will make a wonderful gift for all readers, great and small.

Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. These are the words in Charlotte's Web, high up in Zuckerman's barn. Charlotte's spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, who simply wants a friend. They also express the love of a girl named Fern, who saved Wilbur's life when he was born the runt of his litter.
E. B. White's Newbery Honor Book is a tender novel of friendship, love, life, and death that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come

One of the best books ever. So far I haven't met a single person who hasn't liked it. (and now I'm gonna meet such a person today, aren't I? ;)) Love the movie for it as well! 

"Guess how much I love you," says Little Nutbrown Hare. Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop. But Big Nutbrown Hare, who can reach farther and hop higher, loves him back just as much. Well then Little Nutbrown Hare loves him right up to the moon, but that's just halfway to Big Nutbrown Hare's love for him. 

My dad used to read this to me over and over and over and over again when I was little. He would pretend to be Big Nutbrown Hare and I was Little Nutbrown Hare. I loved it and he loved it, and we just loved sharing this special book together. So of course I was going to list it among my Top 5 ;)'s cold today! How's the weather at your place? It's about 10 degrees Celsius here (about 50 degrees for you Fahrenheit users ;)) Could definitely use a nice, cozy blanket right now! Flannel sounds good. I would go into my bed and cuddle under my thick comforter, but then I'd be tempted to go to sleep and I absolutely can not do that! Got school to do ;)                            What about you? 

Don't forget to these gals' blogs for more books!! AND the Book Room is lurking around on one of these blogs. Have you found it yet?

And the grand prize!! It ends today at midnight, so if you haven't entered yet, GO DO IT!!! :) 

As you can see on the progress bar at Rebekah's blog, we are currently at 84 people entered!!! You know what that means, right?? Yep, we're going to have a 2nd place winner!!!! Yippee! Do you think we can get another 16 people entered before midnight? Then we can get a 3rd place winner too. And I'm sure you all want that, right? *winks*  

There is a survey that we're having to get some feedback from you all. Thoughts on the party? What did you like? What did you not like? Anything you think we should add? Questions like that. And as a thank you for participating in the party as well as for taking the survey, you will get a free short story. So go take that survey. You know you want to ;) And we would absolutely love to hear from you!!! ^_^ 

You can find the survey at Rebekah's blog or you can just go here: Five Fall Favourites Feedback
It's all a matter of which link you prefer to click. Very hard decision, you all ;) 

How many books have you added to your TBR list? 
Have you taken the survey? 
You're coming back tomorrow, right? ;) 

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Five Fall Favourites // Day Four

Howdy-do? *tips imaginary Stetson* We've got some great genres for today! (try and guess one. Which technically shouldn't be too hard cause there's a huge honking hint right underneath this text ;)) 
Let's get started! 

Soooo....some of these might be series. Just sayin'. I think for the most part I just put the first book of the series, although there might be a couple where I put my absolute favourite of the series instead ;) 

Norman Mavrich has no need for another hired hand, but when a young boy shows up asking for work, he can't turn him away. But where did the boy come from and what really brought him to the Triple Creek Ranch? The search for answers sends Bruce on an investigation and brings and unexpected conflict to the ranch family. Join the Mavriches, Mrs. O'Connor and the ranch hands for an eventful summer of hard work, fun and excitement. 

Stephen is a very interesting character and I found myself wondering about his background throughout the whole story. It was hard remembering that he was only 9, most of the time, he acted so much older! I wasn't able to put the book down and it was way past midnight by the time I finished. I'll admit, I was in tears near the end. It wasn't a bad ending, no, not at all! It was happy, but so emotional too! :)
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Emma, a good-hearted midwife, rushes to warn a neighbor about the hired gunman headed to his ranch but can't prevent the catastrophe in store for his daughter.

‘The Man on the Buckskin Horse’ has all the elements of a true Western - guns, leather boots, ranches, cowboys, you name it, it has it all! :D 

In this Western adaption of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ a bubbly country midwife replaces the Good Fairy; a nasty demanding lady neighbour the evil fairy,and a dashing cowboy the handsome prince. Though there is not an ounce of magic in this retelling, Ms. Kovaciny succeeds in portraying the features from the original tale. One thing that I found really interesting was that the story was told from the point of view of the fairy/midwife, Emma. 

The characters were very likeable, (except Mrs. Mortimer, but you’re not supposed to like her anyway :P) and the writing quite remarkable!  
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Horses, adventure, and the old West--mixed with a solid message for today's tweens--make this a must-read for tweens. Twelve-year-old Andrea "Andi" Carter attracts trouble the way her palomino horse, Taffy, attracts flies on a hot summer day. Andi's entire family and the staff at the Circle C Ranch treat her like such a pesky kid that she sometimes wonders if they would all be better off without her. After a particularly scary incident where Andi gets in trouble once again, she saddles up Taffy and runs away from home. But her escape quickly leads to frightening encounters with a horse thief and a vicious young lady. All of which makes Andi realize that there really is no place like home.

Horses. Tomboyish girls. Cowboys. Life lessons. The book that led me to meet all of you lovely blogger people!! :D It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you at all that this will always be one of my favourite series ever ;) And Milestones; eeks! Get to watch Andi grow up! :D 

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This series follows the life of pioneer girl, Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s so cool to read about her growing up from a young, tomboyish girl to a grown woman who still had a fun-loving spirit no matter what. Mrs. Wilder’s writing is also very fun and not dull one bit! And seriously, her books have impacted me for most of my life! Don’t know how many times my sister and I played we were Laura and Mary Ingalls, and pretended to be pioneers. We even had LHOTP paper dolls ;) Needless to say, LHOTP is one of the bestest series EVER :D 
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The Bains family are amazed at what they find when they take up their homestead in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba: flash fires that appear suddenly and rage across the open plain, tensions between English settlers and their M?tis neighbours that threaten to become just as violent. 
At the same time they're filled with hope. Canada in the 1870s is suffering a terrible Depression, and life at their home in Ottawa had become unbearable. The promise of free land in the West beckoned them like an incredible dream. But the realities of building a farm and a home out of nothing are harsh: they have to learn from scratch how to plough, plant, build a house. And the human hatreds that grow in the prairie soil threaten to overcome them all. 

Set against the grim realities of homesteading in the Canadian West, Prairie Fire is the story of one family who struggle to adapt to harsh new circumstances. 

I started this book rather biased, since the book didn’t look all that interesting. But boy, were my thoughts changed! It’s amazing, and I loved seeing how the struggles the family had only made them grow stronger together. It’s got horses. It’s got guns. It’s got well, as the title says, prairie fires. Family love. There’s even a teensy touch of romance in it too :)

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These books have had a great impact on my life and they’re definitely books I’d love to share with you all! Let me know if you’ve read any of them before, and whether you enjoyed them or how it affected your life! :) 

Just like you, Ann Voskamp hungers to live her one life well. Forget the bucket lists that have us escaping our everyday lives for exotic experiences. How, Ann wondered, do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties? What does the Christ-life really look like when your days are gritty, long and sometimes even dark? How is God even here? 
In One Thousand Gifts, Ann invites you to embrace everyday blessings and embark on the transformative spiritual discipline of chronicling God's gifts. It s only in this expressing of gratitude for the life we already have, we discover the life we've always wanted, a life we can take, give thanks for, and break for others. We come to feel and know the impossible right down in our bones: we are wildly loved by God.
Let Ann's beautiful, heart-aching stories of the everyday give you a way of seeing that opens your eyes to ordinary amazing grace, a way of being present to God that makes you deeply happy, and a way of living that is finally fully alive. Come live the best dare of all!

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Very few books on dating have stood the test of time like Passion and Purity. Its much-needed message remains strong and hopeful in an age when doing whatever "feels right" is common practice. Using her own life as an example, Elisabeth Elliot guides singles of both genders and of any age on how to put their love lives under the authority of Jesus Christ.

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Stepping Heavenward" is the fictional coming of age story of a young Christian girl named Katherine. The story follows her life from when she is sixteen, though courtship, engagement, marriage, having children, and the many challenges that she confronts in her adult life. This classic Christian story is told through a series of journal entries by Katherine and is an inspirational tale for young girls who themselves are facing the very same challenges of growing up.

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"Be holy, for I am holy" commands God to His people. But holiness is something that is often missed in the Christian's daily life. According to author Jerry Bridges, that's because we're not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do--and what we should accept responsibility for ourselves.

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In a timeless way, this classic book offers practical, biblical wisdom on the issues every girl faces, from beauty to attitudes to relationships. This unabridged version can help many girls reach what Beautiful Girlhood describes as the perfection of womanhood.

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Don't forget to check out Kellyn, Kate, Amanda, Rebekah, and Sarah's blogs for more books! 

                                                                         And well, would ya take a look here! You're in the Book Room! Considering the party's been going on for 4 days already (*gasp* how has time gone by so quickly?!) you all probably know what being in the Book Room means. Yep! There's a giveaway here! :D And the book being given away is . . . .                                

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment and then say you did in the Rafflecopter widget. I'll email the winner later tonight :)

And of course, the Grand Prize! (You're not getting tired of looking at this yet, are you? ;)) Thank you all so much with all your entries! This giveaway is going SO well and we've had over 50 people entree! Whoop whoop!

And don't forget, if we are able to get 75 people entered in the Grand Prize, we will add a 2nd place winner. And if we reach 100 people, there'll be a 3rd place winner!

2nd place winner will receive a $5.00 Amazon card and 3 kindle books.

3rd place winner will receive 3 kindle books.

Spread the word! :D

Do you enjoy Westerns? 
What are some books that have inspired you or impacted your life? 
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Five Fall Favourites // ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi all! Thank you SO much for your involvement in this party. We've gone over our goal of getting 50 people entered in the Grand Prize, which is absolutely amazing and awesome and ahhhh....THANK YOU!!!! :D Really couldn't do this without you all! =) 

Sooo...we have some surprises for you all!

If we are able to get 75 people entered in the Grand Prize, we will add a 2nd place winner. And if we reach 100 people, there'll be a 3rd place winner!

What are these new prizes, you might ask?

2nd place winner will receive a $5.00 Amazon card and 3 kindle books.

3rd place winner will receive 3 kindle books.

You can go to Rebekah's blog to see a progress bar of how many people are entered.

So whatcha waiting for? Go spread the word and tell as many people as you can about the party ;)

And that's not all. At the end of the week, there will be a survey that you can take to let us know how we did and what you liked/didn't like about the party. As a thank you for taking that, as well as for your participation in the party, we will be offering a short story kindle of your choice!

Five Fall Favourites // Day Three

Third day of the week already! Hasn't the party been just awesome? :) I think so! Found a lot of books so far, my TBR list is getting bigger ;) What about you?

Now let's get onto the post shall we? Get nice and comfy on your seat (I'm gonna assume you're sitting. Or do you usually stand when you're on the computer? ;)) and prepare for a barrage of books coming your way! 

Ever since I was little, I've enjoyed reading about people's lives. Especially missionaries. So don't be surprised if you see mostly missionary biographies here ;) 

Through Gates of Splendor is an account of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully, and Roger Youderian's mission: to preach the gospel to the Aucas. The book outlines the hard effort put into their work, the struggles that the missionaries went through, and the joys they experienced. It also recounts the events following the killing of the men; the long search for the bodies, the widows' never-ending faith in God, and the continuation of Operation Auca. Through Gates of Splendor is a wonderful book that seeks to show the reader the grace and love of God and how He uses men who are "expendable for Christ" to work in His ultimate plan.

I really enjoyed this book! I wasn't just reading an interesting story, I was reading about the life of men who had actually lived and worked for Christ! I've read other biographies on Operation Auca, Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and their fellow missionaries, but Through Gates of Splendor really helped me to better understand their motives and realize WHY Operation Auca was so important to them. And unlike the other books I've read on them, this one really went all out with sections written by the men themselves. How cool is it to read entries that they wrote during Operation Auca? Talk about first-hand information! And not only that, but pictures too were included in the book. It really helped give an in-depth description of the meetings with the Aucas, the construction of Palm Beach, and personal emotions and feelings that the missionaries had experienced both in difficulties and times of rejoicing. 

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I do believe George Mueller is the first missionary I ever read about. As a result, he's also one of my absolute favourites. The multiple stories of his acts of faith have forever been embedded in my memory! :D 
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Amy Carmichael is one of my absolute favourite missionaries too. (Be prepared to hear that a lot ;)) I love the story of how she prayed to God to change her brown eyes to blue, but years later, looking back at the prayer, she saw that God had used her brown eyes to help her connect more easily with the Indians. That really influenced me to change my thinking and to be thankful for the colour God had given my own eyes and hair :) 

*gasp* Not a missionary this time! ;) But seriously, this is an amazing book! (Lucy Winchester is based on the life of a real person, but there are some parts that are fictitious)

As a girl, Lucy Winchester yearned for spiritual fellowship and understanding. Her father, however, was a stern backwoodsman who stood foursquare against religion of any sort.
Lucy's lifelong spiritual quest is set against a back drop of two difficult marriages that included broken promises, sickness, numerous infant deaths, alcoholism, tragic accidents, and poverty. From the unspeakable joy of learning to know Christ as her Saviour, Lucy stumbled through years of spiritual ignorance, doubt, disappointment, and despair until she eventually found peace again in Christ. 

This true account reflects the goodness of God patiently leading those who are thirsty to the fountain of living water. Readers who have know personal tragedy will be blessed with fresh courage by reading this book.
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Corrie ten Boom's 'prequel' to the classic The Hiding Place. Concentrating upon her family and their life in Holland before the war, this inspiring and revealing book describes in moving detail living above the family watch shop in Harlem and her memories of the family together before their lives changed for ever with the advent of war and persecution. Corrie believed that this life helped prepare them for carrying out God's work later and gave her the strength to survive the war, brutal hardship and persecution and begin her worldwide ministry. This much loved book is being re-issued in B format with a contemporary cover.

Read this book a few months ago and really enjoyed it. It was very interesting getting to see the life of Corrie ten Boom before The Hiding Place. And all the memories. Those were very sweet :) 

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Sooo....umm....I actually read a lot more fantasy then I thought :P Choosing five books was a little too hard, so I chose 5 series instead! Hope you don't mind ;) To keep this shorter (cause really, putting summaries of over 35 books in one category is just waaaayyyy too much :P) I'm only going to include the first book from each series. 

What if with one touch you could see inside the soul? Rowen Mar finds a strange mark on her hand, and she is banished from her village as a witch. She covers the mark with a leather glove and seeks sanctuary in the White City. She lives in fear that if she touches another person, the power inside her will trigger again, a terrifying power that allows her to see the darkness inside the human heart . . .
But the mark is a summons, and those called cannot hide forever. For the salvation of her people lies within her hand. 

This series was so good! After I read the first book, I HAD to buy the other two sequels. And the other two were just as good as the first one. I think the third one was my absolute favourite though. It made me cry once too. Thank goodness it was fantasy though, because without that, it would have left me very - sad. (sorry, this sounds vague doesn't it? If you've read it, maybe you understand what I mean ;)) 
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They have always scared him in the past — the Rangers, with their dark cloaks and shadowy ways. The villagers believe the Rangers practice magic that makes them invisible to ordinary people. And now 15-year-old Will, always small for his age, has been chosen as a Ranger's apprentice. What he doesn't yet realize is that the Rangers are the protectors of the kingdom. Highly trained in the skills of battle and surveillance, they fight the battles before the battles reach the people. And as Will is about to learn, there is a large battle brewing. The exiled Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, is gathering his forces for an attack on the kingdom. This time, he will not be denied....

Ahhh....okay. Ranger's Apprentice is AMAZING. It was recommended to me by a friend and I LOVED it. Just finished the last one last week. The humour in here is hilarious and the plots for each one of the books are so good. The books are fairly thick, but the storyline doesn't seem like it's being dragged on and on and on and on. It's the kind of book where you're glad it's so thick because it's so good and you don't ever want it to end ;) And now I've started on the other series by the same author, The Brotherband Chronicles ;) 
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Orphan Urchin never intended to be a swashbuckling squirrel. Abandoned at birth on a Mistmantle beach, this mild-mannered acorn hunter was raised by the island's squirrels, otters, and moles. He gains entrance into the royal court, thanks to the support of his hero, the dashing Captain Crispin. But something is wrong in the peaceful kingdom of Mismantle. Under the influence of the squirrel captain Husk, the King is enforcing severe measures against his people. Crispin himself is falsely accused of a horrific murdered and banished. Can little Urchin, a mere smidgen squirrel, defend his master and his people?

Okay, so despite the fact that it's talking animals and all, it's not as immature as you might think it'd be. No, no, no, not one bit. In fact, you even forget they're animals sometimes. This is also the series that had the book that actually made Tiger Lily cry. And if you know Tiger Lily, she usually never cries. Like, never. So yeah, that was pretty amazing. The author has a very delightful way of writing and keeps you hooked throughout the entire book. And...let's see what else should I say to convince you that this is a good book? ;) The characters are amazing. Urchin, Needle, Catkin, Cedar, Fir, Fingal and CRISPIN. Love them all so much!!! :D 

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They opened a door and entered a world--Narnia--the land beyond the wardrobe, the secret country known only to Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Lucy is the first to stumble through the back of the enormous wardrobe in the professor's mysterious old country house, discovering the magic world beyond. At first, no one believes her. But soon Edmund, Peter and Susan, too, discover the magic and meet Aslan, the Great Lion, for themselves. And in the blink of an eye, they are changed forever.

Let me first start off by saying this: If you have not read this series yet - GO READ IT. PLEASE. It is amazing. Narnia has been a fantasy world of mine for years now. I've had little conversations with Lucy in my imagination. I pretended to ride on Aslan's back, along with Susan and Lucy. I cried when Susan didn't believe in Narnia anymore. I even had a small crush on Edmund for a considerable amount of time ;P 

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Josh Adams, 14, awakes from a 50-year sleep. Ancient prophecy commands him and the other Sleepers to unite in battle against the evil priests, and combat the doubt that threatens their faith

Gilbert Morris is another one of my favourite authors. The Seven Sleepers series is such a fun and unique story, I was very sad when the series ended! My sister and I would talk through the night about the books after we read them. Very interesting conversations, I will admit ;) And that plot twist at the end - goodness, I still haven't gotten over it! 

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Tried to hint what room I was at the beginning of the post, but I've got a horrible feeling that was a total flop :P In case you completely missed what I first said and didn't get it at all (which I don't blame you for doing if you did ;)) I am the Bench Room today! (seriously though, do you sit up or stand or hang upside down when you're on the computer? I wants to know xD)  

Don't forget to check out these gals' blogs for more book reviews and to find THE Book Room! :D 

And of course, the Grand Prize! Go to Rebekah's blog to find more ways to enter! 

Ze Prizes. Don't they look aaammazing?! :) 

Recognize any books? Favourites of yours? 
Do you enjoy Biographies and Fantasy? 
And do you sit when you're at the computer? Stand? Walk? Dance? ;)