Tuesday, 24 April 2018


There are rumours floating around on When Calls the Heart...someone tell me they're not true 😶

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Catching Up

As I write this, I am seriously wondering whether I will even be able to post this after I finish. My timing is pretty awful honestly. I've been thinking about writing a blog post the past few weeks and the day I finally sit down to write...is in the middle of an ice storm. So yeah. Let's see how long my wifi lasts and if it'll even let me post by the time I finish :P

At this point of time, I think I'm about to blow up at anyone who says to me that homeschoolers literally just stay at home all day and don't have a social life or friends or that they play all day and have extremely flexible schedules and blah blah blah. Literally. I do not. I've started working full time at Tim Hortons, but since I want to try and have the rest of the day to do other things, I work in the morning. At either 5 or 6 in the morning. Which means I'll be waking up 4 or 5 in the morning. So a normal day will be waking up at 4 (or 5) then working until 1pm, then coming home. The only problem with me waking up so early is that I NEED a nap, otherwise I'm an absolute bear the rest of the day. Ask my family. But life still goes on, work or not. Once a week visits with a lady at church, babysitting in the afternoon, youth at night, etc. So YES. In case you're asking. I'm tired. I'm also struggling with finding time with my devotions since my whole morning is gone. So if y'all have any advice I'll glady take it. Also...may I just say...smiling at work has gotten harder. There's so much swearing. I mean, come on people! You DO know that you'd say what you wanted to say faster if it wasn't swearing every other word right? And my biggest fear with hearing all of this for 7-8 hours a day is that the words just swirl around and around in my head and I'm afraid of saying something accidentally. Let's just say I've been trying to guard my words as much as possible lately. And all the gossip...they've had something bad to say about pretty much every single worker at Tim Hortons. Sometimes I wonder if they make things up just so they have something to talk about.

*takes a deep breath* Ok I'll stop ranting now. Sorry xD The blessing...ok so even though it's hard, yes it's a huge blessing that I get to work at Tim Hortons and under the boss I have too. All the workers complain about her or have snide remarks about her but I like her. I think she's pretty amazing and sooo flexible and very fair and friendly and nice and as my first boss, I think I'm pretty blessed.

More blessings from the past few weeks...definitely my family! They've been pretty patient with grumpy old me which I sometimes take for granted but realize it's not just anyone who would still love me even though I'm in tears over the silliest things or mad at something stupid or...I think you get the point.

Oh! I also got accepted into the college I applied to and I'll, Lord willing, be attending there this coming September. I'm also moving onto campus so...yeah. I'm foreseeing a LOT of tears in the near future xD

We also celebrated my dad's birthday and managed to find the exact number of candles for his cake. The cake kiiiiinda looked like it was on fire xD But it was a delicious cake. Then...Dad got a birthday surprise none of us was expecting. So you know how baseball players slide to a plate? Well! That's what Toblerone decided to try doing. Except he slid into a chair. And banged his head. And put a massive gash right above his eyebrow. Lots and lots of blood. We ended up having to bring him to the ER and he got three stitches. Boys...

Ooohhhh...and I managed to throw together a dish for my Italian cooking class in less than 40 minutes AND without making a massive mess or using too many dishes. Might not sound like much but it's kind of a bit accomplishment for me cause me and cooking is...yeahhhhh xD 

Oh yeah and this ice storm I mentioned earlier? Apparently, it could very possibly rival the ice storm we had in 2013...and that was BAD. So yeahhh hopefully our house doesn't turn into a positive igloo by tomorrow. 

Anywayyy...my siblings are wanting to watch a movie with me so I shall see you all later! How's the weather where you all are? Do you have an actual spring or is it still winter for you? (can you imagine teaching younger children seasons? Imagine if they wondered why it was called spring even though it looked like winter outside...) (also I've been so tired lately I thought "prove" was spelled "proove" and the Statue of Liberty was British :P)

Monday, 26 March 2018

Sisters in Christ...Sisters for Life

Super super blessed to have been able to share a very special day with a very special person! My sister and I got baptized yesterday - praise the Lord!! It was an amazing day shared with family and friends and eeks! It was all completely by God's grace and I'm so glad we were able to do this, and even better, together! 😊

This was right after we changed out of our baptismal clothes....weirdly enough we don't look wet...but we
WERE "dunked" as our youth pastor puts it xD 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!! 

"Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!"
~ Philippians 4:4 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Bit of Randomness

Realized I haven't done a randomness post in a really long time. But! Just cause I haven't posted doesn't mean there hasn't been any randomness. Because believe me - randomness is a part of my life. I just ain't me without it xD 

- So! This is what happens when your sister, who has very fat thumbs and does not text well, sends me the address of the house from which to pick her up from babysitting:

- Ooh yes...and our family went on a cruise. VERY interesting experience. Interesting as in thousands of people, Mexican boyfriends, seasickness, beautiful water, all-day food, so much food, too much food, WAY too much food xD

Ok so just saying...I kinda like this boat better...I guess I just like smaller things? xD
Pool side soft serve ice cream...soooooo good!

Honestly, I think my favourite part of the cruise was stopping by Costa Maya. So basically, we flew to Florida then traveled by ship to Mexico where we stopped at Costa Maya and Cozumel. Costa Maya was more village like and so friendly. Very friendly. Too friendly. *points above to aforementioned Mexican boyfriend shindig*

But just the same, it was a very beautiful place and the water 😍
Look. At. That. Blue!!
Ooh yes and the man who cleaned our rooms was SO nice! He left us these adorable towel animals each night on our bed. 
I accidentally knocked the poor elephant's head off the first night :P

- Random photo of the Child. Yes she's sleeping. And yes I took advantage of her and used FB filters on her xD

- Tiger Lily is somehow (don't ask me how) working through Precalculus (she's got brains, I tell ya. I was already half dead after Algebra II). But she got stuck on a question and I tried to help her. Using sticky notes. AND WE GOT IT *does the happy dance*

- Don't you just love it when the clock says 1, 2, 3, 4??

- I turned 18. Oh yeah and I graduated. Hurrazie! Moving on...

My grandparents took Tiger Lily and I out for my birthday...sweet potato fries are amaaaaaazing

- *happy sigh* I just LOVE my sistahs! "Kidnapped" my bestie for her birthday and we went out to a lovely cafe and had lunch with mocha lattes and these...desserts. I think they're eclairs and cream puffs? And we talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and at the end of the day we still had more to talk about it. I don't think we'll ever run out of things to talk about xD

- I made pretzels. They looked so good. They were soft. They smelled good. And they tasted NASTY. I was supposed to boil them in baking soda water for a minute...I musta done something horribly wrong because ugh ugh ugh. I almost cried when I tried it - it was like eating a spoonful of baking soda. Not that I've tried that before. But I think that's what it would be like. It was BAD xD

- The result of my sister and me being super bored and wanting to do something random...RAINBOW ICE CUBES

- I marked my brother's whole entire grammar book...and he talked to Siri

- And I know it's not Easter yet, but I wanted to make coloured meringues. Really wanted to make it. Story is, I couldn't go to sleep last night (honestly, watched my clock go from 11:30 to 12:30 to 1:30 and then I remember going "hey look my clock says 2, 2, 2," before I think I finally fell asleep :P) and so I just thought about a ton of stuff. And one of the things I thought about was how I hadn't brought any baked goods yet to the staff at my church and I was trying to figure out what I could bring and I thought of coloured meringues! So yep! That's what my tired brain came up with xD

I think that's probably enough randomness for now. Hopefully I haven't lost you xD I would put more of that adorable baby sister of mine, but there are some videos I want to post and I can't figure out how to stick 'em on Blogger. Quite sad really. Any tips? 

Also just a heads up, I might be attempting a blog tag or two soon. Emphasis on the word might. Mainly because of time. But maaaaaybe also because one of them is a #myfirstpostrevisted...'nough said. *inwardly cringes* :P 

I hope you all have a wonderful day!! 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Good ol' H2O

You know...sometimes I think I take water for granted. Also...for some peculiar reason, I tend to make a lot of realizations while I'm taking a shower xD

Water might be a rather insignificant topic to talk about...but I said I was counting my blessings. Not just the massive, important blessings. ALL the blessings. Tiny and great.

After a rather busy shift working at Tim Hortons, I took a shower just cause I mean, being on your feet for 5 hours straight has its drawbacks xD (and just saying, it's even worse for people with flat feet. Which I have. Very, very flat feet) And then I realized, I take hot water for granted. I take for granted the fact that I can just turn a handle and hot water will come out. I don't give it enough recognition and I hadn't realized it as a blessing. Until now anyway. It's a blessing.

Thank you, God, for hot water 😊

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Setting Yourself Apart for Christ

Ok, so a question for all of you. It's been on my mind a lot this weekend and I thought it would be nice to get your opinion on it.

How does one set themselves apart from the world...but not act like a snob? 

I do have a bit of a backstory as to why this came into my mind, but that might be a different post. I just want to hear your thoughts first ;) 


Friday, 23 February 2018

Connected by the Heart

One of God's biggest blessings to me has got to be my sisters. I mean, He sure knew what He was doing when He gave me sisters.

Sisters aren't just the girls you're biologically related to. To me, they're also the girls that I can share my secrets and struggles with. They're the girls who will always be there for me, through the thick and the thin. The ones who will not only laugh with me but cry with me as well. The ones who won't leave me to go through something alone. The ones who remind me of God's promises, who always have a Bible verse at hand to throw at me (in the best way possible), and who point me back to God when I'm looking every which way but the right one. The ones who encourage me and the ones who will tell me my flaws, not to hurt me, but because they love me. The ones that I shall grow old with (we'll be just so old and wrinkled, sitting in rocking chairs knitting... huh, actually I wonder if knitting will even be a thing in the future...ok getting sidetracked...where was I? Oh right...) 

I think one thing I've learned is that we can still always be there for one another, even if we can't always be with each other. I do not share a home with certain sisters of mine...and so sometimes we've had to resort to virtual hugs and conversations over text. Which trust me, awesome as they are, are not as nice as actual hugs and person-to-person conversations. But we've learned that just because we're not right in front of each other doesn't mean we're not still there for each other. We make do and then just give each other ginourmous hugs when we do get to see each other xD 

The future seems to be coming faster than I would like it and the idea of being separated from my sisters is rapidly becoming a reality. But even though the world is most likely going to be under threat of drowning from all of our tears when that time comes (just kidding...kinda :P), we're still going to be sisters. Distance isn't going to break us apart. If anything, it could even bring us closer together. The quote "Side by side or miles apart, Sisters will always be connected by the heart" is so true. I am so blessed by my sisters and the bonds that we shall forever share. 

Thank you, God, for sisters 💜

"A sister in Christ is a sister for Life"!