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A country gal. Sister of 8. Homeschooler. Music lover. Bookworm. And most importantly, a daughter of the one true King!

I go by many names, but here in the blogosphere I’m most commonly known as Blessing Counter. My interests lie in the art stream and you’ll usually see me in my free time either reading, writing, baking, taking pictures, or singing. My biggest passion is music - I absolutely love jamming out with my friends!! 

Life is a journey and the memories made are many and precious. The blessings God has given me are countless, and I am awed at just how good He is. Everyday life isn't "the norm". Just being able to wake up every morning, living and breathing, is a huge blessing!

I hope to keep my blog as a journal of all the gifts He has granted me. I love memories, both making and keeping them. My family is crazy; we have the weirdest, silliest times together and we laugh way too much. And my friends - goodness, don’t even get me started! We be crazy ;) But I wouldn’t change any of it for a thing. I love my life and everything God has given me. He’s given me more than I deserve and I am more than thankful to Him. To God be the glory forever and ever!  💗

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  1. Lovely about page, Blessings! And I adore your new header. :D


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