Sunday, 30 August 2015

Poll Reminder

Hello all!

Just a reminder that the poll closes tomorrow at midnight. (to be exact, 11:59 EST. Funny, when I set the date and time for the poll, I found out that 24:00 didn't exist. :P) Anyway, back to the topic! So yeah, the poll closes tomorrow (I said that already, didn't I?) so if you haven't already voted and you still want to, go to the poll on the top right side of the blog. And just in cast you want to know what the voting is for, you can go here.

And now for a random picture to finish off the post :)

Actually, it's not totally random :P You could call it a "teaser"
for the post of this photo shoot that will, Lord willing, be coming up soon :) 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Want to guess who?

 That's right! Toblerone is now a whopping 2 years old!! :D

Excuse the blurry picture. This one is a screenshot from a video that I took of him trying to blow out his candles. His way of blowing candles was making the "f" sound. You try it! I promise you, it's not easy! :)

He chose this balloon his very own self :) He's got something for minions, don't ask me why :P

Happy birthday, Toblerone! 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Days #172 - #176

Tuesday, August 18: Stick Bug

Wednesday, August 19: Craft Time! 

Thursday, August 20: Painting Plaques 

Saturday, August 22: The Giant (Wrinkled) Egg :P 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How Much Does This Egg Weigh??

I know, I know, I said that the answer to how much this egg weighed would come out this week, but I decided it would be fun to make it into a little game! :)

How much do you think this massive egg weighs? Put your answer in the poll on the right! :D 

We had another egg that weighed only 0.5 - 1 gram less than the first egg. So I added the pictures of that egg here too ;) 

I think the chicken may have been having a bit of trouble laying this egg...thus all those weird wrinkles :P

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Post Long Overdue...

I'm very sorry for the delay in this post. Procrastination has been a problem lately. I'd better get over this lazy habit though before school starts, or I'll be in major trouble! 

Lately, we've been having a fairly busy couple of weeks. The two older boys took swimming lessons over the past week and a half and since we were so close to out friends' house, Mom would drop some of us off there. We girls had a fun time recording songs...all from the Hobbit, in case you were wondering. :) Funny thing was, I haven't watched the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings, so I had to Youtube all the songs so that I could learn it. Listening to my friend sing it multiple times also helps!

Tiger Lily and I also recently watched The Hunger Games. We just finished Catching Fire yesterday. To be honest, I think I prefer the books to the movie, though it's probably because I read the books before I watched the movies. ;) Mom prefers that we do it that way, although I have to say, sometimes the movie ends up rather disappointing because it's missing favourite parts or the characters look different or something like that! And in The Hunger Games (the movie, I mean) they (the film directors and such) make it ... a bit more inappropriate than I would like. I mean, where in the book do any of the characters swear? Also, I'm the kind of person who, after seeing something, will usually see it in vivid detail for quite awhile. Thus the reason why I usually close my eyes during ...not-nice scenes :) Although, I don't think the movie emphasized too much on the killing, I'm not too sure since I closed my eyes whenever I knew a scary part was coming (another good reason for the book first ;))
Have you read or watched (or both) The Hunger Games before? What did you think of it? 

And now, after that somewhat lengthy ramble, comes the real reason why this post is here. :) 

Day 161: August 7, Friday: Recording Time!

Day #162 - August 8, Saturday: Golden Kernels

Day #164 - August 10, Monday: Sleeping Buddies....not :P 
One little boy did not want to sleep by himself, so he crawled into Big Sister's bed
when no one was looking - anyway, until I found him :)

Day #165 - August 11, Tuesday: Reflection in the Side-view Mirror 

Day #166 - August 12, Wednesday: Monster Egg!!
How much do you think this giant egg weighs? Put your guesses in the comment
box and I'll let you know by the end of the week.
Hint: It's over 60 grams :) 

Day #167 - August 13, Thursday: Pyramid of Pens

Day #168 - August 14, Friday: A Bee and Coneflowers 

Day #169 - August 15, Saturday: Toy Zebra

Day #171 - August 17, Monday: World Famous Brownies
Seriously. The. Best. Brownies. EVER!!!!