Friday, 31 July 2015

A Post of Random Things. . .

This is just a post full of random things that we've done (so far!) this summer. Pretty much all of them un-posted pictures ;) And lots of flowers! 

Did I ever tell you all that we have a garden? We started it sometime early/middle June and it's been coming along very well!
All those baby plants were so cute! ;)
Tiger Lily insisted that we put the plants in orderly little rows. So we did our best to make it as straight as possible! Mom teased her a bit by planting her peppers in a zig-zag, but Tiger Lily straightened it out, later :)

Recently, Mom had to have a fence put around the boxes, since some chickens decided that they preferred the garden to the rest of the yard. They had already trampled the cantaloupe 3 times, stripped the broccoli of its magnificent leaves, and pecked the lettuce to a stumpy base!

Tiger Lily and I picked some peas a few days ago, and they were delicious! Crunchy and sweet, mmm! 

We've also gotten a few small tomatoes. They're so nice and smooth and juicy and red! I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, since it's a screenshot from the music video that Snow White and I did. 

Mom has found this very special plant called plantain (and no, it's not the banana kind) and she uses it quite often for cuts and bruises. I have to admit, it works very well!


Dare Devil was practising on his new bike, and he's really good at it too! I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to ride a two-wheeler by the end of summer!

These are a few pictures from the music video. Snow White had the camera for awhile as I was getting some stuff. She took some pretty good pictures!

The composition in this photo is exceptionally good! ;)

She also took a picture of her doll in a hair style that she had made up herself! 
Dare Devil blowing dandelion fluff all over the place!

Also, Ironman and Spiderman just recently got new monster trucks! They've been having a ton of fun with it!

(*in a whisper*) These particular trucks have also been seen chasing chickens back into their coop...

We've also done a lot of swimming lately...

 And gotten a nice dark tan because of it!

Cupcake time! :D

 On another note, Snow White just lost her second front tooth!

Going hyper over the cupcakes! (actually, I said that everyone had to make
a face before they could eat a cupcake :P)

Since we had some extra frosting left, we girls decided to experiment
and see if we could do a multi-coloured swirl. It came out a whole lot better
than we expected!

And more flowers!