Monday, 13 July 2015

Camping - Day #2

Okay, on to day number two! 

So, Spiderman, Ironman, Tiger Lily, and I had planned the night before to cycle over to the beach early the next morning. By early I meant so that we could watch the sunrise. And yes, in my case, take pictures too! 

But as it happened, we were all way too tired to get up, not to mention that it was very cold outside. I had been hoping to have started out at 5 or 6, instead the boys and I left at around 8. Tiger Lily (have I ever told you that she loves sleeping?) positively refused to get up, so we had to leave her behind. 

I took a few pictures, and the boys skipped stones. Then we went to the dunes so that I could film the two boys for a bit, since I needed some footage for their trailers. (I've been trying to make individual trailers of everyone in the family, just because they enjoy watching trailers on themselves and because it's fun putting trailers together!) 

After we got back to our campsite, we had a delicious breakfast, then headed straight to the beach again! This beach was different than the one the boys and I had gone to in the morning. It was the only beach, next to one other, that allowed dogs to go. Another difference, it had lots of sand! The other one had stones and pebbles so it's like walking on dull knives. Ow! :P

(Tiger Lily very politely robbing Blessing Counter's keyboard. (Laughs evilly))

So, when we were at the dog beach, big black flies started attacking us! Why would anyone want to attack us? I mean, come on, we should be  non-attackable, right? I thought so :) Anyways, Maple kept getting bitten so she had to stand in the water to keep them off. Poor Maple:(

Toblerone was having a lot of fun playing in the sand. And maybe we were too:)

We made this mini rock garden for Snow White's doll.

Toblerone was being VERY precise about where to put his rock.

These are my whatchamacallits.

In this picture Toblerone is trying to smile with a mouthful of strawberries and whipped cream.

The sunscreen we were using was unusually thick so it didn't spread quite right and we all looked like we were wearing masks.

Here's a close-up of Toblerone's newly acquired moustache.

Our campfire was smoking a lot so Mom told Toblerone to cover his eyes. ("Does this count?")

And then he decided to pinch his nose for no particular reason at all.

I don't know what Ironman is doing in this picture. (Or should I say "Ironface?")

And then it started raining and the tent started LEAKING!!! Not good.

And then I got this brilliant idea to pretend to be Indians doing a rain dance.

Toblerone wasn't bothered at all. He just got stuffed like a sausage down the top of Blessing Counter's poncho and went to sleep.
Isn't he adorable?

Daredevil posing for a picture.

ONE of my many attempts to roast a perfect marshmallow.

I took this picture:D (Blessing Counter was telling me to 'Please hurry up! My marshmallow's falling off!')

All of the kids stayed awake after Mom and Dad had gone to sleep:)

Toby and Blessing Counter

Daredevil, Toblerone, and Blessing Counter.

Me, Ironman and Spiderman playing Dutch Blitz.

And then Blessing Counter took a bunch of crazy pictures of me.

What am I doing?!


  1. All these pictures bring back memories of when we used to camp every spring for my birthday. (And my mom's.) I can almost smell the smoke, taste the marshmallows, feel the rain, hear the rustle of sleeping bags (Hey, there's a rock under my sleeping bag!) . . . Ah, the delights of camping!

    Loved the post! Thanks for sharing, Girls. :)

    1. Yes, that rock that persists to be there, no matter how carefully you comb the ground before setting up! :P

  2. Another great post! I love all the pictures. =)

  3. What fun! I loved seeing all the pictures! It reminds me of our family camp trips... hehe, the marshmallow burning is a ritual at our campsite. ;)
    By the way, I nominated you for the Sisterhood award! :D

    1. Thanks for nominating me, Emily! I'll check it out as soon as I have the time! :D

  4. What fun! I loved seeing all the pictures! It reminds me of our family camp trips... hehe, the marshmallow burning is a ritual at our campsite. ;)
    By the way, I nominated you for the Sisterhood award! :D

  5. Hey! I like your picture where you are looking at the burnt marshmallow!
    We have the same background on our blogs! Check mine out by clicking my name!

    1. Hi, Amy! Welcome to the blog!

      I checked out your blog, it's awesome! And we do have the same backgrounds! ;)

      Oh, and that was my sister, Tiger Lily, int he burnt marshmallow picture. She's the Queen of Silly Faces in our family! :D

  6. what a lot of good pictures!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! I'm glad you like the pictures! Which one is your favourite?

  7. Your brother in the pictures is sooo cute! Looks like sooo much fun!!!!


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