Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day #121 - #137

Lots of pictures this post!

Sunday, June 28: Brothers

Ironman just recently got new glasses! :D
Monday, June 29: Music Award!

Tuesday, June 30:

Wednesday, July 1: Fresh, juicy, red strawberries

Happy Canada Day!
Thursday, July 2: Swimming

Friday, July 3: Sunset

Saturday, July 4: Bike Riding

This little guy is very proud. He just got a new bike! :D

Sunday, July 5: Hymn
We've sung (is that the right tense?) this song since I was 5 or 6. Mom had us learn
it in parts, so now Dad is the bass, Tiger Lily and I are the sopranos, and Mom is the alto. No tenors yet! :D
(Although sometimes, Tiger Lily deserts me and goes over to the alto since she's a natural at harmony)
Anyway, today, I decided to record all the parts so that we could listen to it. We've got some stuff to fix, but it's starting to sound pretty good! :)
Monday, July 6: French braid
Today, I had a photo shoot with my friends. We were getting some pictures for their business
that they're planning on opening up soon. They specialize in knitted and crocheted products, and boy! are those scarves
and flowers beautiful!!! :D

Tuesday, July 7: Polyphemus Moth

Wednesday, July 8: 

Thursday, July 9: Colourful salad

Friday, July 10: My Samsung NX 2000

Saturday, July 11: A Flying Toblerone!!!!!

Sunday, July 12: Two Little Fashion Artists ;)

Monday, July 13:

Tuesday, July 14: Decorating

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