Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day # 114 - # 120

Sunday, June 21: Silhouette

 Monday, June 22: Whatchamacallits
Really, they are called whatchamacallits. Anyway, that's what Tiger Lily called this
um.....interesting statues (?). :D And it's really weird because whatchamacallit seems to be an actual word;
the computer isn't underlining it in red :P
 Tuesday, June 23: Stone at the Beach
No, I did not write on the stone. I was looking for pretty stones and just happened to find it! :)
 Wednesday, June 24: Long wet grass.... during sunrise

Thursday, June 25: ONE of Tiger Lily's funny faces

 Friday, June 26: Mother and Daughter
Just to make sure there's no confusion, this is not my mom and sister, this is my aunt and cousin :D
Saturday, June 27: Toblerone ;)

Monday, 15 June 2015

This Saturday.....

I had a photo shoot, went swimming with my cousins, and celebrated my grandfather's birthday! 

Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them! 

And yes, in case you're wondering, Tiger Lily did the lovely hairstyle. Isn't it pretty?

Okay, so this one, I wanted her head right on top of the Thyme pot, her chin almost inside of it...

 but she kinda misunderstood me :P

Swimming! Toblerone absolutely LOVES swimming, as you can probably tell by his face! :D

Mom was totally enjoying herself with the grand piano. :D

And Snow White and her cousin played with their dolls...who happen to be the exact same kind of doll with the same colour of hair and the same size and the same eye colour and the same everything except for the skin colour! 

 The birthday pictures....credits go to Mom!
So the problem with having 5 cameras (which aren't actually cameras. My camera (the one Mom was using) was the only "camera" camera there. Everything else was an iPad or an iPhone :P) is that you have no idea at which camera to look at first. Which then means that when you get the photo, everyone is looking in different directions. Everyone said not to blink and to keep our eyes wide open and um....yeah, I exaggerated that a bit :P 

Day #103 - #113

Ahh..... this is the time of year when it gets super busy.....and I start forgetting to take pictures! Sorry, about that! 

Thankfully, all of my exams are finally finished and school is ending! :D We've got a lot of stuff planned for this summer, so there'll be plenty of family time...not to mention tons of chances for pictures! :)

And now for my extremely late pictures of the day.....

Wednesday, June 10: Stuffed Elephant

Thursday, June 11:

Friday, June 12:
Saturday, June 13: Yellow Daylily

Sunday, June 14: Snow White and Sarah
Snow White and I were shooting a music video and I thought that her and her doll's matching dresses
were cute together :) 
Monday, June 15:

Tuesday, June 16: My New Mug
This mug I got from well....Applewood School! :) A teacher there is  a church friend of ours, and he
asked if I would play Pomp and Circumstance for the school's graduation. We all had a rehearsal the day before the graduation, so I got to meet a few students and teachers, as well as the president, principal, and vice-principal of the school. I loved it and found everything very interesting! :D 

Wednesday, June 17: Little Church Friends
Okay, so the "problem" with taking tons of pictures of little people is.....I can never choose one to represent the picture of the day! :P I ended up doing a quick collage of most of the pictures. ;)
So, today was the end of our GraceKid/Youth classes, so we usually have a celebration in June, before Summer Remix starts. After the celebration, there were games for everyone to play, but I wore a I couldn't play :P But, now I'm glad I did, because I got to spend time with the little kids, and boy, did we have a lot of fun! maybe most of the pictures are of girls....but then, they were the only ones that wanted their pictures taken....

The lighting was BEAUTIFUL!! The sun's rays were a reddish golden, and it made everything look so pretty! I tried capturing the rays, and was very surprised at how well it came out. The colour of the rays in the picture is pretty close to the actual colour of the rays!

 Thursday, June 18: My Hair

Before and after pictures of my hair when Mom cut it. I like my long hair better......

Friday, June 19: Siblings

Saturday, June 20: Our Little Artist

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Day #101 and #102: Princess(es)

In this photo, Tiger Lily had dressed up this pretty princess
in a beautiful light green and rose pink dress and then done Snow White's hair in a
princess up-do. Maybe if you ask Tiger Lily, she'll do a post
with more of these pictures.... 

I snapped a quick shot of Snow White right after we
finished filming a snippet for a music video we're trying to make.
She was just about to change to go swimming, that's why she's
carrying her clothes in her arm :)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Happy Birthday Dare Devil!

 Well, this handsome boy (shh...don't tell him I said that! :P) is now a whopping 4 years old!

He's so proud! Funny thing was, when I said happy birthday to him, he looked at me with disappointment and said "I didn't grow any! I'm still shorter than Snow White!" Then as if to comfort himself, he added "But I'm still taller than Toblerone!"

Also, the night before his birthday, he wished that he would turn 700, not 4. Don't ask me why :P