Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Songs | Rejoice

Onto Christmas songs! This song is again by Sovereign Grace :) They have so many good songs and it's wonderful listening to them!

Anyway, here's the song!

All the earth rejoice 
Your Creator reigns 
As the only awesome God 
The Alpha and the Omega 
Who was, is, and is to come 
Let the oceans roar and the mountains sing 
He provides for all He has made 
So be comforted as He rules with grace 
Rejoice, all the earth, rejoice 

All the world rejoice 
For the baby comes 
As a humble prince in the night 
The Word made flesh, Emmanuel 
The Everlasting Light 
Let the warmth of heaven reach the coldest heart 
With the gospel of His grace 
For His heel will bruise the serpent’s head 
Rejoice, all the world, rejoice 

All the church rejoice 
For your King returns 
On a white horse wearing a crown 
He will break the sky with the angel’s shout 
Descending from the clouds 
Then the dead will rise from the land and sea 
All His people will ascend 
We will reign with Him for eternity 
Rejoice, all the church, rejoice

Words and music by Todd Twining
© 2006 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)


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