Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Counting Our Blessings // Heidi Peterson

Here is the first guest post on Counting Our Blessings! (If you would like to know a bit more about this or would like to join, you can click here :) 

This month features Miss Heidi Peterson! 
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Thank you so much, Blessing, for inviting me to share in your Blessings Week! It’s an honor.

First for a brief self-introduction… Ransomed by Christ, I’m a daughter and sister living at home with my family; and I love to write and revel in good, deep stories. Beyond that, I have lots of other interests, ranging from history and child education to traveling and exploring whenever and wherever I can. I blog at Along the Brandywine and Sharing the Journey, where you’re always most warmly welcome to come and visit!

And now for my two particularly highlighted blessings:

#1: I’m very very thankful at the moment for the means of long distance communication -- for letters and packages, for email, for the tried-and-true, absolutely wonderful telephone, for blogging. I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful friends and been able to keep in touch with other dear friends I’ve known a long time, but whom I no longer live close to. God has worked incredibly through all those means and each one is a rich blessing.

#2: In my room this morning (and trying to figure out what to pick for my second point), my eye fell on my stack of current research materials for my novel-in-progress -- namely, my Yellowstone road map (laminated/converted to a poster) and two books on Yellowstone that I discovered while road tripping last fall and then received for Christmas! The first book is a collection of traveler’s tales and anecdotes, most from right around the era of my story (mid to late 19th century) and the second is a collection of old pictures taken at various places throughout the park, each one juxtaposed with a recent photo generally taken from the almost exact same spot. It’s thrilling to look through.

(Fascinating, isn’t it??)

Thank you so much again for having me, Blessing! :)


  1. I enjoyed reading your blessings, Heidi!! :) I can agree with both of those – long-distance friendships and accurate research help. :) My family visited Yellowstone last fall. It's truly beautiful. :)

    This series sounds really fun, Blessing! I'm enjoying it already, and I would love to participate sometime. ;)

    1. Thanks, Faith! I'll put you down on the list ;)

    2. Faith P,
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm so happy you can identify, too -- and yes, both of them are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! ;D

  2. Long-distance friendships are such a huge blessing--I agree! (And I love having you for one of my long-distance friends, Heidi! :-) )

    Great post! :-)

    1. jessica,
      Aren't they wonderful? And awwww.... thank you. *smiles* I love having you, too!! :)

  3. I'm thankful for that first one too, Heidi :-) And those books sound great! The photos you share are fantastic.

    1. Hamlette,
      *grinning all over* Yes, indeed. :-)

      And thank you! Those books are just fascinating.... :)

  4. Thank you Heidi for doing this!

    Yes, long distance communication is SUCH a blessing! I especially love writing and receiving letters, it's just so much fun and a great way to communicate to friends :)

    And those Yellowstone pictures are beautiful!

    1. Blessing,
      Packages and letters are positively splendid; and yes, Yellowstone's simply breathtaking. ;)

      Thank you SO much again for having me. :) I really enjoyed it and the post turned out beautifully!! :D

  5. Oh, this is such a fun post!

    I too am VERY thankful for long-distance communication! :D Why, just last Sunday I was able to skype with one of my friends that I knew when I lived in Florida. There's nothing like talking "face to face". haha And, of course, I love letters and emails! (although I'm usually bad at replying in a timely manner cough cough)

    Those books look so interesting! Especially the one set in the time period of your story. (Yet again, here's another example of those little details that reveal more of your WIP!)

    Great post Heidi! And what a great idea for a series, Blessings Counter! :)

    1. Oh, I'm glad you think so, Natalie! :) Thanks for commenting!

    2. Natalie,
      Thank you, m'dear!! Heehee. *coughs* Yes, we've discussed the whole Email-y Business before. Just slightly. ;D

      And yes, they're just fascinating! :D


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