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Counting Our Blessings // Jesseca Dawn

Next up for our little blessings series is Jesseca! She blogs at Whimsical Writings and just recently published her first novel, The Silent Blade (which is a really good book, by the way, and if you haven't read it, you totally should!) 

Please welcome Jesseca to the blog! :) 

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Hi all! Blessing Counter contacted me a little while ago about doing a blessings post, sharing about a couple things that I count among my greatest blessings. An awesome idea, no?
So let’s get started! 

God’s Word.

Number one on my list of blessings would have to be the Bible. Growing up in a Christian home, it was something I really took for granted for a while. Sure, I took it out for family devotions and church, I memorized verses for school, but other than that, it pretty much just sat on the shelf. Unless my parents made me read it, or handed me a Bible reading plan and told me to finish it. 

And then me world came to a stop a few years ago when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, and I had no where else to turn. I picked up my Bible, and just started reading. And, oh, what I had missed before! God’s Word came alive to me, and I realized that the words contained therein are truly sharper than any two-edged sword. Words that teach and convict, words that bring promise and hope, words that are for more than just words; they are, in fact, God’s letter to us! 


These past few years I’ve better understood and realized the gift that friends are. They are truly one of God’s greatest gifts to us. They are there when times are good, and they are there when times are hard. They don’t ask you to be someone you aren’t, but at the same time they encourage you to continue growing the Lord. 
And they’re just all around awesome. I mean, who else can you be completely crazy with? ;) 
Words have the ability to convey so many things. Something we read can completely change our view of a certain subject. Words have the ability to persuade and to encourage, but they also can tear down and destroy. Words have such power! What we read impacts us, what we hear impacts us, and what we say can impact someone for the better or for the worse.  I’m so thankful for words. When used for God’s glory, they can change the world!

Has there ever been a time when you were sitting and just minding your own business when suddenly a song comes on, and, for one reason or another, that single song affects the rest of your day?
I’ve had that happen to me. 
Music can tell a story, it can send a warning, and the way it can depict and effect emotions is truly marvelous. 
It is a wonderful gift and blessing from God above, and also a beautiful way we can praise our Lord and Saviour!

God gives us so many wonderful blessings, doesn’t he?!
Thanks so much for having me, Blessing! And thank you, readers, for reading. ☺ 

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  1. Great post, Jessica! The blessings you enjoy are pretty much the exact same as me. =) We sure have been blessed by God, haven't we?

    1. Thanks, Hosanna! I'm glad you enjoyed. :) And yes, we have been blessed! God is so good!!

  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. :) What else can I say? The Bible, friends, words, music – we are so very blessed!! Great job, Jesseca! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Aww, thank you, Faith!!! Yes, we are! And you're welcome! Thanks for reading. :)


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