Friday, 26 August 2016

Adventure Camp - Day 3

Third day of Adventure Camp!

- - - - - 

Tuesday was a very interesting day! According to the weatherman on the radio, it was “the rainiest day of 2016”!! 

Oh, really? It did rain quite a bit on and off, one of the reasons we couldn’t do the nature hike for that day. ;) 

Yes. I know when we first arrived, it was pouring. And poor Tiger Lily and C (the game/craft CIT's) had to go and work outside :P 

In a way, it’s fun being in the rain, but, I guess it might not be as fun when you’re soaking wet and cold. :P Anyway, we started off the morning with a devotion and counsellor meeting… not outside like the rest of the week. :D 

Hehe, yes, thankfully! 

So, instead of lining up for chapel outside the church, we lined up in the gym, because.. Well, it was raining! The kids made a mad dash to the chapel, right BC? :) I think some of the counselors did, too... Haha.

Ha, well, they tried! We didn’t want anyone tripping, so it was more of a brisk walk from gym to chapel :) 

Oh, okay. :) After chapel, was snack time, which we also ate inside the chapel. Goldfish crackers and cheese. Okay, funny story. J, head counsellor, was lactose-intolerant, so she didn’t want the cheese, so I ate them. Then one of my campers didn’t want her cheese either, so I ate it as well. Maybe it doesn’t sound that funny, but I think it was kinda funny at the time. :D

Well, I guess you got to eat a lot of cheese, then! ;) 

I think I ate six chunks of it.. :D

Very nice! If I remember correctly, the cheese was kinda room-temperature. So it tasted - interesting :P

Haha, yes. I think it was.

Yes. Well, after that, Green and Yellow stayed inside the chapel to do a scavenger hunt. Blue and Red did crafts, right? 

Yes, we did it inside the barn, and made these play-doh sculptures. They dried over the next few days, 

Oh right! Those were fun! Mixing them to make different colours was cool too. 

Two kids on my team made a pizza slice, and the other one was a hotdog. It was actually pretty good!

The kids’ creativity really did come to life there! One of the yellow campers made this really good model of a dog lying down, or anyway, so we thought. When Mr. S complimented it and said “Wow, that’s one of the best play-doh dogs I’ve ever seen!” the camper replied with, “It’s not a dog! It’s a pig!!” xD 

Haha, oh dear! :D After crafts, Red and Blue did the photo/ nature picture thing, and Yellow and Green did crafts. :) 

The photo scavenger hunt was really fun. When I was reading through the list of things to look for, it didn’t seem too hard. But having 16 or so people doing it all at once adds some. . . excited complications ;) 

It was quite excitable for the kids, I think. :) After the photo scavenger hunt, it was lunch! 
After lunch, it was chapel again. :)

Which meant more Reggie and Lena!!! I don’t know about yours, but my campers were p.r.e.t.t.y excited about that! ;) 

I think they were. They really liked that story! 

So did I ^_^ 

:) We had the group “Handicap” after that. 

The games started out with land skis! (If you haven’t heard about land skis already, you can go to our first post that has a picture of the counsellors doing it.) 

That’s right. The counsellor(s) from each team had to choose the smallest camper on their team, and another camper to do the land skis with a counsellor. So, because my other two counsellor helpers were not there at the moment, I had the responsibility of choosing the smallest camper and another camper, which I did. 

And a very good job she did of it too! :) It was kinda funny because the campers got to choose which counsellor to do the game, and at the time, no one knew what it was going to be. I got elected, and Mr. T looked at me and said “Well, you can’t miss it this time!” I didn’t understand at all what he was saying - until they brought out the skis :P 

Ha, that’s funny! You definitely didn’t miss it! 

Yep. A pretty dress couldn’t save me this time. . . xD After the teams had been assembled and everyone was balanced on their skis, we started moving around the big circle on the gym floor. 

It was really great to see the encouraging attitudes of the campers. 

YES!! They were very encouraging. And during the land skis, they cheered for the last team (which was, want to guess, green team :)) which showed a lot of good attitude and team spirit! :D 

Yes! For sure! I think everyone was chanting, “Green Team! Green Team! Green Team!” As you guys got close to the finish, everyone was so encouraging. 

It was very heartwarming to hear the cheers. I wish I could have hugged each and every one of them. Although realistically speaking, hugging more than 60 people would probably have taken too long ;) 

Plus, some of the kids might have thought it a little weird.. Haha! :)

Hehe, yes. Especially the older boys :P They don’t like to get embarrassed ;) 

Probably not. :P Any way, after the group handicap, in which we also did another game, the balloon game, where they had rows of chairs lined up in rows of six or seven, back to back. Then two teams sat in one direction, and the opposing teams sat in the other directions. Two balloons were thrown up, and the teams had to try to hit the balloons over the other team’s side, to get points. Whoever had the most points, won!

It was kinda like a game of foosball. Just with 60 or so people! 

Yeah! Wow, you explained that much shorter than I did. :P

Hehe, yep ;) Both ways work though. It was very exciting, lots of shouting and waving of arms. And one of the most important parts of the game, you absolutely positively could NOT get up from your seat. If you did, you instantly lost points. 

That’s right. We had snack after the group event. Do you remember what it was, BC?

Ummmm….I want to say cookies. Or was it chips? Help me, Liv! I don’t remember :P 

Uhh….. It wasn’t cookies. That was another day. It was either chips or something else, like watermelon, or something. 

Ohhh…..ok. Yeah, you’re probably right. The watermelon was SO good and juicy! (in case you didn’t know, watermelon is my FAVOURITE fruit ever!!!! :D) 

Really? Watermelon does taste good! We actually harvested two watermelons from our garden this week. They are already eaten, but they tasted really good! Sweet, juicy.. Mmmmm.. 

Now I’m hungry! Okay, back to the topic of camp before I go crazy thinking of red, juicy, fresh, cold watermelon - ;) 

Ok, okay. :) FREETIME!! Which usually means……



Okay, so that pretty much wraps up day 3! I think the posts are getting shorter…. :P

Hehe, yeah. Well, are there any stories that you remember that you want to share here? 

Hmmm…….. Well, when we were doing the photo scavenger hunt thing, two or three of my campers kept on going off, I think because they wanted to find the numbers or do something, so I had to keep going after them, and the other campers would do the pics and stuff, so I actually wasn’t really super involved in the photo scavenger hunt. :P I think I was in a couple photos, but yeah. Wow, that was not funny at all… :S Why can’t I really remember much of that day? :S :S

Ha, yeah, same here. I KNOW there were some awesome memories and things done, but I just can’t seem to remember right now :P 

Hmmmm.. Should we just leave it at that?

Yeah…. You readers will understand, won’t you? :D 

:D Until next time! 

(Oh, and quick note, apologies for the lack of photos. We're not allowed to post pictures of campers just because of privacy reasons! :)


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