Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Our Christmas Holiday!

Good morning/afternoon/evening all! Hope you're looking forward to this brand new week!

Anyway, today I thought I'd share with you some photos from our Christmas holiday! We managed to do a fair amount of fun stuff together as a family, and of course, I had my camera pretty much the whole time! :)

Soooo.....here goes! :)

The first day of break...or maybe it was the second. . . Mom and Dad brought Spiderman, Ironman, Snow White, and yes, even Dare Devil to see the new Star Wars episode, The Force Awakens. Tiger Lily and I gladly stayed behind to babysit Toblerone. The reason...dare I admit it?. . . it's too scary for me!! Tiger Lily and I prefer funny (or sometimes sad) movies. I mean, if you're going to watch a movie, you might as well watch one that's funny, not one that scares the living daylights out of ya! :P 
So while the rest of the family were off at the theatre, Tiger Lily and I cleaned up the house and Toblerone contentedly watched a bit of Chuggington before taking his nap! 

 The next day, the whole family went bowling!

So calmly watching all of his pins crashing down. Seriously don't understand
why he isn't more excited!!! This ended up being a strike too!!! 
 The balls were a little bit too heavy for Snow White and Dare Devil, but they were able to roll them down the alley.

 It was kind of funny because their ball would move sooo slowly, but a lot of the times, it hit down quite a few pins! Once, one of them got a strike!! I can't remember who it was...or maybe it was both of them? Whoever it was, they were SUPER excited! :D

 Toblerone on the other hand couldn't handle the balls at all. So he wandered around until he found something very interesting.

A fan.

 It kept him busy for at least half of an hour :P

 There was also quite a bit of cooking going on. Lots of little helpers too :)

 And then... CHRISTMAS DAY!!

All of us were wearing the PJ's that Mom pretty much always buys for us
for Christmas  :D 
 There was no snow :( but then who said you needed snow to celebrate Christmas? I learned this especially this year, Christmas is SO much more than just gifts and snow. And, though I didn't realize before just how much having family at Christmas meant, this year, I definitely realized it. Something occurred just before Christmas and Dad was almost going to leave to attend it. That's when I got really scared that he was going to leave and that's when I realized just how much my family meant to me. In the end, Dad didn't go, but you can be sure I was praising God for letting Dad stay at home!!! :D

After a big brunch, we opened our presents. This year, we decided to do it in a more . . . what shall I call it, a more orderly fashion. Most times, everyone just dives for their presents, opens them and then BAM! everything's unwrapped. But this time, we did it so that only one person opened their present at a time, that way they could appreciate the gift and ...okay, it made for more and better pictures too ;)

The three girls in our PJ's :) Thanks Dad, for taking the picture! 

Later on in the afternoon, we headed over to our cousins' house for some family time before heading out to a restaurant for dinner.

Princess A. and Snow White with their matching headbands and doll dresses, which Tiger Lily and I tried our best in making. Snow White asked if I could make matching headbands for them both, and she made matching hair bows for the dolls :)

 We also had a mini photo shoot with Princess E. She had this very pretty black and white dress that was ever so slightly too big for her. So I kind of improvised and used the sash to tie the back of the dress and lift it higher. So....yeah, though it looked very nice in the front, the back looked a little....weird :P But the front was very pretty, and here are some of the photos from the shoot.

 Two days after Christmas it snowed. Praise the Lord! And it stayed. It stuck to the ground, it piled up, and we got 10 cm.

I rushed outside and Toblerone followed. I guess he didn't remember what snow was, 'cause he just stared at it and at first wouldn't even step into it. But he got used to it!

"umm....help me, please. There's no in my hair!" *"no" is is way of saying snow ;) 

After there was a fair amount of snow on the ground, the boys went sledding. Nice rosy cheeks afterwards! 

 We also celebrated Tiger Lily's 14th and Ironman's 10th (DOUBLE DIGITS!!) birthday! HHHAAAAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY!!

 We went to a laser tag "place" (what do you call it, arena?!?) with our extended family. Lots of fun!

 Ooohhh yeah! AND, at the last game, we decided to do teams. All of the boys (except for Dad and our uncle) were on the blue team (by the way, the boys were the best ones at the game. In case you haven't guessed ;)) and then mostly all the girls and Dad and our uncle were on the red team. The odds were not in our favour! Buuuutttttt.....wanna guess who won?

You got it! THE RED TEAM!!!! YA HOO!!!!! I'm so happy :D Don't know how it happened, but I'm happy just the same. We were SOO excited when we first saw the score board! :D

And you should have seen Princess A. and Snow White. They stuck together like flypaper and they were so small that they could hide pretty much anywhere and no one could see them. I saw them quite a few times  hiding behind barrels and shooting the "enemy" whenever they passed by. And the boys couldn't' find out who shot them because they were so well hidden! :D

 We had our cousins stay over for New Year's Eve, and one of the things we did was sledding! Well, I didn't sled (just once), mostly took pictures. And *gasp* I had a fellow photographer! FINALLY!! :D  So...here are some photos from the sledding, taken by either my cousin or me.

Credit: My cousin
Sorry, I promise I won't do this for every picture, but I just had to point out who took the photo!!
 Isn't this just an awesome picture of Toblerone?!?

My fellow photographer! Do you know how nice it is to finally have someone else
take pictures too? :) 

AHHHH.....he's just SO cute! He's like a big fluffy marshmallow in that outfit. And when he falls, he rolls :P 

Later that night, we played cards. Pretty much just round after round after round after round of President. Lots of fun!

Again, the following photos are not all mine. Some are taken by my cousin! :)

The later it got, the umm.....goofier we got :P 

Happy New Year! 
Yeah, we had lots of fun together! :)

A couple of days into the new year, we had some old friends over. I took lots of pictures, but for privacy reasons, can't share them all with you. The only ones are the ones where there are no faces shown in 'em. Like the three below :)

Oh yes! Here are some pictures of the cards that I won from Olivia's give-away. The cards are absolutely beautiful! I've already used both of them :D Thanks again, Olivia!

And then some other things we've been up to...

Skating! Once it was cold enough, we dashed out onto the ice. And skated pretty much every possible day we could! :)
Sorry, not the best picture...
Also been playing with Dare Devil and Toblerone. Made puzzles with foam shapes!

Helped Snow White make a cape for this really cool Superwoman that she "made". See, a nice thing about Lego is that you can make pretty much anything you want from it. Even if the pieces are from sets doesn't mean you have to use it in the set. And the boys and Snow White definitely don't always keep their pieces in each individual set. It's more like a "mix and match" ;) 

Oh yes! And some BIG news!!! Dare Devil can skate!! He was begging me to teach him so that he could go out with the others, so we went out and he learned in one day. It was so cool! He's a really fast learner! And now he's zipping around like nobody's business ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
What did you do for Christmas/New Year? 
Do you like skating? What is your favourite winter sport? 
Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you! :) 


  1. Fun post! I didn't do much for New Year. As for skating, I've only done it one time years ago on a rink in another city, but I'd love to do it again! We used to have a wonderful sledding hill just up the street from us, but now it's covered by trees and bushes. And the other hill we've used ends in a creek and now has trees planted all over it. The only other "winter sport" I've done is taking a walk in the snow. :)

    1. Walking in the snow is lots of fun! Especially when the snow is really soft and fluffy. It's almost like walking in icing sugar ;)

      Oh, trees can be a problem on a sledding hill. Actually, you might have been able to tell from the pictures, but our hill has tons of trees on it too. The sledding "route" is basically just a (somewhat narrow) path through the forest. Over the years, we've learned how to maneuver through the trees; because as some of us learned, if you crash into the tree, it's always the tree that wins in the end! :D

  2. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We did too. On Christmas my grandparents came over for dinner and on New Years Eve I went to a party then on New Years Day my family and I went to a party at some good friends of ours house. :)
    It looks like you had fun sledding. I really like sledding too. It snowed here on Christmas Eve and my brothers and I went sledding that afternoon. :) It was a lot of fun.
    I don't like Star Wars either. I haven't seen the new one, but I've seen some of the other ones. Do you have a favorite movie?
    Thanks for sharing, Blessing! :)

    1. Thank you for commenting, Rebekah! Sounds like you had a great Christmas and New Years!! :D Ooooohhhhh, you had a white Christmas then? Lucky you! :D

      If you mean what my favourite Star Wars movie is, it would probably be episode 6 (I've only watched the old ones, 4, 5, and 6, not 1, 2, 3. and definitely not 7!) because of those cute "teddy bears". If you mean what my favourite movie of all time is, well, I can't really say because I have a LOT of favourite movies! :D

  3. Looks like tons of fun!!! Great pictures!
    Christmas day, I gathered with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. New Years Eve we had a party with some of my friends from Youth Group. We played a bunch of random games throughout the night.
    I don't do much skating but I do enjoy the times when we can go to an ice rink and skate. I'm more of a sledder. There is a huge hill a short walk from my best friend's house and we often walk there and sled for a few hours!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Aren't family gatherings so much fun? I love 'em! :) Love how you said "random games". What kind of games did you play? :D

      Thanks for commenting! ;)

    2. Haha yes they are! We played Scategories, Name Five, Head's Up, Telestrations, Bop It, Qbitz, and then we found a couple balloons so we blew them up and hit them around the room (so mature, I know :P) and my mom used a bunch of saran wrap to wrap up candy in and we passed that around and had to unravel it as fast as you could before time ran out and the next person got to go. The ball of saran wrap was bigger than my head!

    3. Wow, sounds like you had a TON of fun!! Head's Up, I love that game!! Bigger than your head? Whew-we! :)

  4. Wow, looks like y'all had a great Christmas holiday, Blessing!!! :D Aw, I envy you the snowy-fun. ;) Looks like you had tons of fun with friends, family, and cousins. :)

    1. Yes, we most certainly did, Faith! :) Thanks for commenting! :D

  5. For Christmas our cousins came over. Then for New Year's some neighbor's came over! :) It was lots of fun. We stayed up til midnight.
    Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year's! I am SO jealous of all of that snow.......:D

    1. Isn't staying up until midnight so much fun?! Especially on New Year's Eve :D

      Wish I could hand you over a handful of snow! :)


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