Sunday, 3 January 2016

Days #296 - #309

Monday, December 21: Movie Tickets
Dad, Mom, the two older boys, and Snow White were planning on watching Star Wars 7,
so I made some tickets for Dare Devil and Toblerone so that we could have our own little movie theatre
at home :) 
Tuesday, December 22: Bowling
Found a little fan ..... lots of fun :P 
Wednesday, December 23: The Wiebes

 Thursday, December 24: Baking Buddies
 Friday, December 25: Merry Christmas!! 

 Saturday, December 26: Little Light-Up Tree

Sunday, December 27: Hair Dressers....lots of 'em! :) 

 Monday, December 28: SNOW!!!!! 
Thank you LORD for giving us such beautiful, fluffy white snow!!!! 
Wednesday, December 30: Happy Birthday! 
We combined Ironman and Tiger Lily's 10th and 14th birthdays into one party partly because
it was before school started and because it was a time when everyone (meaning the cousins and family) were
available to play laser tag!! :D Lots of fun, let me tell you! :) 
 Thursday, December 31: Sledding! 

 Friday, January 1: Happy New Year // Rosy Cheeks
He loves sledding! 
 Saturday, January 2: Making Snow Angels

 Sunday, January 3: Chocolate Goodies...mmmm! 

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