Monday, 4 January 2016

Another One of Those Random Posts. . .

Sooo.... walking down an aisle at Costco and seeing this lying on a shelf, on top of boxes of Ziploc bags isn't scary, right?

But when it's this big....

It. is. very. Scary.  VERY.
Goodness, why are those dolls so huge? They were taller than Toblerone...who by the way was pretty scared at the ginormous girl that had a slightly weird smile pasted to her face. Haha, Mom, Tiger Lily, and I all gasped when we first saw it because we thought it was a person. :P But after we got over the shock of it, Tiger Lily and the boys said that it reminded them of this because she was just lying there on the shelf, not moving at all. 


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The result of taking Latin? You not only get to learn the one hundred and one rules for conjugations and declensions, get a slew of nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative and vocative cases thrown at you, and memorizing the genders and numbers of each particular word within an inch of your also end up speaking your English wrong. :P 

For example...... in the Latin language, you do not, may not, and can not pronounce the letter 'V' as 'vee'. No, no, no, you must pronounce as you would a 'W'! So if you see this word "cīvitās" you can not say "key-vee-tass". You have to say "key-wee-tass" (oh yeah, and in Latin, the 'C' is always a hard 'C', like in 'can', not soft like in 'city', but I won't go into all that right now :P ) 

With all these rules imprinted in our minds, Tiger Lily and I sometimes forget what we're doing and pronounce our English words without a proper 'V'. 'Very' becomes Wery, 'Virtue' becomes Wirtue, 'Victory' becomes Wictory, and so on. 

So I apologize beforehand, Victoria N. if I call you "Wictoria" sometimes. Just know that I'm not doing it on purpose :) 

Hey! I think I may have taught a bit of Latin! One of the many rules, anyway :P I'll end this with one of my Sententiae Antīqvae, this one by Seneca. 

Homines, dum docent, discunt. (People learn while they teach.

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Mom to Dare Devil: Please share your donut with Toblerone

Dare Devil (munching away on the donut): I am! I'll cut it in half after I finish eating it.  :P

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  1. Ah...yes I love that video! Most of Studio C's videos are awesome...but "Prince Charming's First Kiss" is up there in my top favorites. ;) Thanks for this post! :D

    1. Yeah, Studio C is just so hilariously funny, and it's family friendly/clean too! :D Partly why we love it so much! :)

  2. Oh, that video is hilarious!!!!! xD And I laughed SO HARD over what your brother said! LOL.
    Thanks for sharing, Blessing!! Latin sounds fun.... B-)

    1. You're welcome, Faith! I'm glad you enjoyed this post ;)

  3. Oh my goodness!! You are taking latin to?? I'm taking it this year, and it's WAAAYYY harder then I thought it would be. All that grammarly stuff. It's strange enough to have to re-learn half of the grammar stuff you learned in third grade, but then to learn it in a different language is like WHAT? Or at least for me.. ;)

    1. Yes, my sister and I are taking it for a language credit! I KNOW...all those rules and grammar! Do you have to memorize vocabulary too? By the way, who are you taking Latin with? Is it an online course?


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