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War Room // Movie Review

My family finally watched War Room. . . and I LOVED IT. The Kendrick Brothers never disappoint, that's for sure! 

I've never done a movie review before, so bear with me ;) I just enjoyed this movie so much I feel like I gotta write down my thoughts on the movie before I burst. Or my mind explodes. Whichever one comes first ;) 

Anyway, let's get onto the review, shall we? 

Look! They even have their own whatchamacallit now! :D Loooovveeee it!
(*afterthought* what is it called, exactly? Symbol? Someone help me...)
~ Ze Trailer ~

~ My Review ~ 


I was a little apprehensive at first because I honestly had no idea how this movie was going to turn out. I had heard that it was about people in a room praying and somehow got this idea that the entire movie was going to be in a room with people silently praying together. Which could, especially to those who might not know what praying is, be seen as just a bunch of people sitting in a room. And seeing that for 2 hours or so doesn't sound very exciting, if you know what I mean. 

But from past experience with the Kendrick Brothers, I can't believe I actually let myself think that they would have directed any kind of movie like that. They completely blew me away with their new masterpiece. 

And there wasn't anything fake about War Room either. They didn't try to portray prayer as some magical thing where you wish for something (kinda like a genie) and poof everything's good. Uh uh. Not the Kendrick brothers. They used a real life example, complete with all the struggles of keeping a family together, and fighting for a marriage. War Room shows how powerful a weapon prayer can be and that we shouldn't take this privilege for granted.

There were some very intense scenes, like the very last one with Miss Clara praying. Whew, was that intense! And the one where Elizabeth was praying for Tony for the first time...almost cried there too. But of course, there was the humour that the Kendrick brothers are just so good at. It really helped to lighten up the movie. 

I love the actors! They all fit their roles perfectly and gah, it's awesome. One thing that surprised me though was that Alex Kendrick wasn't one of the main characters in this movie. War Room is the first Kendrick movie I've ever seen where he isn't the main character . . . ;) 

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie. It's amazing, people. If you haven't seen it already, go do so. Please. You'll be glad you did. Promise. 

~ Quotes ~

~ Characters ~ 

Elizabeth Jordan is played by Priscilla Shirer. She is a real-estate agent, wife, mother and friend. She struggles with her marriage and prayer-life until she meets one of her clients, Ms. Clara. Then her life is changed forever.

Tony Jordon is played by T.C. Stallings. When I first saw him in the movie, I had this really bad feeling about him. Not because of the movie, more like I had seen him before and he was - bad :P A little more into the movie, we finally figured out he played T. J. in Courageous. You know that gangster in the black do-rag and baggy clothes and yeah ;) He looks a lot different here, all spruced up as a his pharmaceutical company's top salesman. But he plays his part very well. No fake acting here, peoples ;)

Mike is played by Michael Jr. He's a good friend of Toby. And he's just plain hilarious, both in the movie and in real-life.
After we watched the movie, we watched the bloopers and BTS and killed ourselves laughing at his antics. There was this one time they were filming and the camera mic came down into the screen. He looks up and goes, "Oh hey black mic. I'm a black Mike too." xD This guy is just hilarious.

Mandy is played by Beth Moore. Some of you might have heard of her before, or read some of her books perhaps? :) She (Mandy, in case you were getting lost with all them pronouns ;)) works with Elizabeth at the real estate agency.

Miss Clara is played by Karen Abercrombie and does she ever do such a good job!!! Her fervency and passion is so clear and eekks, I love her so much! She mentors Elizabeth and she's so funny too. Couldn't help myself, so I added a clip from the movie. Go watch it. . . . Please :D

Coleman is played by guess who?! Alex Kendrick! Whoot whoot! He's awesome. Some of you please tell me you've seen his other movies? Flywheel, Courageous, Facing the Giants. They are all awesomely amazing and so inspiring and yeah, I love them all so much. I know he directed Fireproof but I don't know if he acted in it. Haven't seen it yet, but I'd like to some time :)

*All images taken from Facebook. You can check out their FB page here: War Room

Have you watched War Room?
Did you like it?
What's your favourite Kendrick Brother's movie?


  1. Great review, Blessing! :D I have seen War Room too! I really like it. I really like all of the Kendrick Brother's movies too, although I'd say Courageous is my favorite. :) Oh, and Fireproof is really good. You should definitely watch it sometime. Alex Kendrick isn't the main character in it, but he is in a small part.

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Oh, you've seen it too? That's amazing!

      Yessss....Courageous is amazing! I would say it's my favourite, but honestly, I just love all of them so much! :D

      Oh ok! Yeah, we have Fireproof, just haven't watched it yet! Going to have to do that soon! ;)

  2. War Room was amazing! I loved watching it (and kinda sorta hyperventilated when they were talking to the police and Officer David from Courageous just happened to be one of them)! (I'm crazy ;P)
    I honestly don't think I could decide on a favorite Kendrick Brothers movie... They're all so amazing!
    Fireproof was awesome, though! You do need to watch it sometime :D Alex Kendrick is only in the very end, but the movie was just as great as all of their others! :)
    Lovely review, Blessing!

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! My sister and I were jumping up and down with excitement when we saw David! He's my favourite officer from Courageous ;)

      Thanks, Livi! :D

  3. Awesome review, Blessing!! :D Yes, I have seen War Room. We saw it at the theater and I've watched it once or twice since then. :) Soooo good!! I haven't seen Flywheel, but my favorite of the movies would be...Ahhh, I don't know!! :P Yes, you really must watch Fireproof! Alex Kendrick plays an extremely small part, but Kirk Cameron is the main guy character and he's GREAT! :D When he smashed that computer...I about died. XD

    1. Hehe, that part was great, Faith! XD
      "Mr. Rudolph."

    2. Oohhh....you got to see it at the theatre? So cool! :D

      Smashing computers? hmmmmm..... ;P

  4. I loved War Room so MUCH! And yes, there were hilarious parts! ("Caleb." "Mr. Rudolph." in FireProof had to be one of the funniest scenes in their movies LOL) Yes, In Fireproof Alex Kendrick was the pastor. I love Mike, too! He's always the good guy. ;) I hadn't realized the police officer was David from Courageous until my sister told me, but yes, that's awesome! Overall, their movies are awesome. And War Room is no exception. :)


    1. So glad to hear you enjoy the Kendrick Brothers movies as well! They're amazing movies, and very clean and family-friendly too, which is a huge plus! :D

      Gah, now you've all got me wondering about this computer-smashing-"Caleb"-"Mr.Rudolph" scene! I really want to watch it now ;)

    2. Hehe, I'm glad. ;) Go watch Fireproof!


  5. Wow. This was an excellent review, Blessing! Are you sure you've never reviewed a movie before? ;)

    You really must watch Fireproof. It's so good!! It's my absolute favorite of the Kendrick Brother's films. :)

    1. Haha, yeah, I don't THINK I've reviewed a movie before ;) But I'm glad you enjoyed this one! :)

      And yes, I will have to find a time to watch Fireproof! It sounds reallyyyyy good! :D


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