Thursday, 10 November 2016

Counting Our Blessings // Faith P.

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! (depending on when you're reading this :)
A special friend of mine (and fellow ASL student ;)) sent me an email today. . . and now she's here to share some of her blessings with us. Thank you so much for coming, Faith! Take it away! :D 

Hello everyone! :) I'm so tickled to be here today – guest posting for my friend, Blessing Counter! She asked me awhile back (probably, knowing what a procrastinator I am and knowing I would need plenty of time… *wink*) and, well, I finally got this written and into her inbox. ;)

Let me begin by introducing myself. I'm Faith – a born again Christian, a PK, and a homeschooled teen. I live with my parents, my little brother, and our two yellow labs in the mountains of NC. I enjoy writing, reading, pottery, camping, biking, and kayaking. I blog at Stories by Firefly and Chosen Vessels. :D 

On to the post! I chose three blessings to talk about as part of Blessing’s Counting Our Blessings series. I can't say they're my *top* three blessings, but they're all pretty special and dear to my heart. :) 

My first blessing would have to be prayer. To be perfect honest, previously my prayer life was…well, not existent. But this year God has been working in my heart. And now prayer time means so much to me!! 

Let's just stop and think about the whole concept of prayer for a minute. 
Sinful, broken people have the ability to go to the Lord of the Universe and talk to Him. We can pour out our hearts and He will listen. We can confess of our many wrongs and ask a pardon and He will forgive us. We can offer up thanks for all our Heavenly Father has done for us and He will listen. How amazing is that?! 
We can simply praise His holy Name...for He is so deserving of any honor and glory we can give to Him. Prayer is a blessing indeed. 

For my second blessing, I chose blogging friends. And I don't mean just those people you talk to once in awhile in a Blogger/Wordpress comment box on your blog or theirs every one in awhile. Although those are great too and often where these friendships start! 
I mean those people who you read their blog and they read yours…then someone took the initiative and sent that first, carefully worded email…and now your friendship has grown soooo much and you couldn't ask for a better long distance friendship.  
I'm beyond blessed to have several of these types of friendships. And these girls mean THE WORLD to me. 
With different people, there are different things that have pulled us together. Maybe we write together at ridiculous hours of the night. Maybe we talk in hashtags just to the annoyance of certain someone. Maybe we write emails about a certain TV series that are so long they would be a twenty pages if we printed them out. Maybe we attend the same online ASL course and have that in common. 
Whatever it is that drew us together, I love it and I wouldn't trade y'all for anything. *hugs* 

My third blessing is…writing. Writing had come to mean a lot to me. It's how I express myself. How I escape into a world of my own imagination. How I create people and places form nothing. 
Until the late summer/early fall of 2014 I didn't write. AT ALL. (I even wrote an assignment for an English course in one of my elementary years explaining why I didn't like writing. XD) But that year there were some hard things going on in my life, and writing became my go-to. Now, over two years later, I write pretty much everyday and I'm constantly comparing real life happenings to that of my beloved characters. ;) 

I'm a writer through and through. It's who I am now. :) 

Thanks for having me, Blessing! :D And thanks for reading, y'all! 



  1. Thanks for having me, Blessing! I enjoyed it a lot. :)

    1. Thank YOU for coming, Faith! It was so much fun reading your post and some of your blessings :)

  2. I loved seeing what your blessing are, Faith. :) I definitely agree with prayer and friends. :D Writing too. Even though I don't write I sure do enjoy reading other peoples writing. ;)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed, Rebekah!! :D Aww, thank you! So sweet to know that, aside from being a blessing to me, my writing is appreciated by my 'readers'. :)

  3. Lovely blessings, Faith! Those are all wonderful. :)

    And Blessing, that's really neat that you're an ASL student! I'm learning ASL too, and it's really fun. :) Do you use Landry? (just wondering! :D)

    1. Oh my goodness, yes, Emily, I do use Landry! Do YOU?! Like, are we in the same class and we never even knew it?!?!? :D

    2. Thank you, Emily!!

      Oh my goodness, I just caught that too! There are two Emilys in our class... :-O

  4. Great blessing, Faith! I enjoyed reading this.

  5. Love the guest post, Faith! :D So sweet.


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