Thursday, 3 November 2016

I'm Baaaaaack! :D

Hello!!! *gives all you lovely people a hug* I've missed you so much! Hope you're all doing well! How has life been? :D 

Goodness, has it really been over a month since I last posted? Where has time gone? I'm sooo glad to be back in the blogosphere, though I will admit, I really needed that blogging break ;) Got to tick quite a few things off my to-do list. . . and of course add things too ;) 

Talking about time . . . it's only about 2 weeks before the baby shows up!!! *squeals* (in case you didn't know or didn't see the blog cover *points up* *winks* - Mom's having her 8th) As was with every single one of their children, Mom and Dad did not find out the gender until after he/she was born. This baby is no different. Sooo... I thought it would be fun to put up a poll and see what your guesses are for the gender. You can enter on the sidebar. Pretty easy, really. Ya got only two choices. Boy or Girl. No in between ;) Oh yeah, and it's not twins so you don't have to worry about that either ;)

Okay, so now that that's been said, let's get onto the post, shall we? 

~ Life ~
- Celebrated Thanksgiving with family. All us cousins together can get kinda . . . crazy xP

- Caught up and finally understood how Biology Grade 12 works. (Yippee!!!!!) Not saying I completely understand all the content, just how the course works ;)

- Found and applied for a job at Tim Hortons. it!! :D *does the happy dance*

Oh and uh...just wondering you all do know what Tim Hortons is, right? I thought everyone knew what it was until I talked to some of my school friends from the US - and found out they had no idea what it was :P You can imagine my reaction to that. It's like not knowing what McDonald's is!! (now you've got me wondering, do you all know what McDonald's is?! xD)

- Spent time with friends at Awana and made these turkey-apple-candy thingies

Everyone's apple-turkeys. From left to right; oldest to youngest. And in case you were wondering, Toblerone's apple is bare because he ate all the candy in the car on the way home ;P 

- Took Driver's Ed. 20 hours of in-class lessons in two weekends. Which means 5 hours a day. I was the only girl in a class of four. It was - interesting :P
- Started preparing for the baby. SO exciting!!!
- Been practicing for our Christmas piano recital. Tiger Lily is going to sing The Call *gasp* Which is really big, 'cause she's always been against singing a solo on stage. But she's gonna do it! Woohoo!!!
- Got to know people better at the new church we've recently moved to. I will admit, it was kinda hard adjusting to such a huge change. It hurt quite a bit leaving the church we've attended for almost 7 years. Still hurts, actually, but not as much. God's taught me quite a good lesson in family, trust, and change lately :)
- Met a new blogger friend, writer, and singer! You know who you are ;)
- Read books (duh) Wrote some.
- Did school. Lots and lots and lots of it.
- Guest-posted on Faith's blog, Chosen by the Potter. You can see the post HERE!
- Took family pictures. Here are some of them, but I'm trying not to do an overload of pictures on this post. Trying ;) Which reminds me, I've updated the 'My Family' page, so if you have time, you can go check it out! :)

Behind the scenes :P
Photo Credits: Ironman

- Oohed and Ahhed over the fall colours this year. Seriously, they were soooo vibrant and so different from last year! Fall 2015 was a sad mix of yellows and browns. But this year, the trees outdid themselves with a marvellous burst of vivid reds and brilliant oranges, with a few yellow-oranges mingled in.


- Went apple picking

Photo Credit: Ironman

Toblerone and his 'babies'. He just loved the little tiny apples he picked :) 
- Bought a new camera!

My darling little puppy! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 
Photo Credits: Ironman

~Random Conversations~
And by random, I mean really random. I'm putting them on here mostly so that I'll always have them in memory, and if one of the mentioned people go, "I never said that" well, I'll just come on here and show it to 'em ;P

Tiger Lily's explanation for a bruise: When you bump yourself, all the blood rushes up to the skin because it thinks there's going to be a cut. But there isn't one. But the blood is too lazy to want to move all the way back down, so it stays where it is and turns purple. Sometimes even green. Makes total sense!"

12:00 am 
Dad: 20's too young to date
Me: You and Mom were dating in your teens!
Dad: That's different. We weren't homeschooled
Me: You didn't just say that
Dad: You girls can't marry until you're at least 30
Me: o_o
Dad: Just kidding!!

Ok, so one huge difference between the youth group at the new church and the one at the old church is that the majority of people are high-schoolers, not homeschoolers. So it's been quite interesting seeing the differences between a homeschooler and a public-schooler (is that what you call them? :P) Such as this one particular night:

Leader: "Reading and understanding the Bible does not need to be as hard as trying to understand Beowulf or Shakespeare."
Boy: "Isn't Beowulf a singer?"
Leader: "No, you're thinking of Beethoven"

And another night, homeschooler-me made myself look super silly. . .
Boy: Apple products suck
Me: Make them yourself then! :D
Boy: How?
Me: Uhhhh bake them
Boy: o_o
Me: OH you meant apple product as in iPod and iPhone not as in apple pie *facepalm*


The Ghostfaces
Scorpion Mountain
Slaves of Socorro
The Invaders
The Hunters
They Called Her Mrs. Doc
The Lost Stories
Love Comes Softly
Straight to You
Blood of Pioneers
Just As I Am
The Kings of Clonmel
The Contest
Ella Wood
God's Smuggler

Favourite: They Called Her Mrs. Doc and Love Comes Softly. Totally my favourites from this month. LOVED them sooo much! And I really want to read the rest of the Love Comes Softly books now! :D Oh, and God's Smuggler. *shakes head* Can't believe I almost forgot about that one. It is an AMAZING book and if you haven't read it yet, you absolutely positively must! It's really good and it just left me awed at the mighty works of God! :) 

Least Favourite: Probably Straight to You. The storyline is . . . cute (there's really no other way to describe it) and the book in general is very clean and enjoyable. But there are certain things mentioned or talked about that just made me feel uncomfortable and I definitely would not recommend this book to younger readers. 

Actually haven't seen too many movies lately because of school and Awana being on movie night and stuff like that. But Tiger Lily and I have been watching When Calls the Heart. I literally squealed out loud when I found out that WCTH was on Netflix. Finally! Sadly, there's only one season, but still. At least we get to watch that! 
We weren't disappointed in the show at all. It's amazing and soooo beautiful! The way the scenes are shot are just gorgeous! Elizabeth is so funny and pretty and Jack is one awesome character. I also have a thing for RCMP's so yeahhhh..... ;) And Jack and Elizabeth ❤️ 

In which I now proceed to bombard you with the loveliness that is When Calls the Heart xD 

LOOK at that scenery. Just LOOK at it!!! :D 

"Sometimes we women cry when we're happy..."

"...sometimes we cry when we're sad..."

"...or for no reason at all."

"I'll never understand women."

Bahahahahaha..... xD

Ok, I'll stop the pictures now ;) 

~November Goals~
Read 8 books.
Post at least once or twice a week. 
Complete a tag or two.
Experiment with my new camera.
Comment on y'all's posts from the past month. Saw some pretty awesome posts...and a few vlogs too! :D 
Record a couple songs.

And I think that's about it for now! Thanks for reading! 

How was your October? 
Have you watched When Calls the Heart? 
What are some things you would like to see in future posts? 
Oh, and before I forget, I'm thinking of doing a giveaway again for Christmas - is there anything in particular that you think I should give as a prize? 

Psssttt....don't forget the poll! All you have to do is click a button, one button, any button ;) 

Have a lovely November everybody! :D


  1. Welcome back, Blessing!!!! :D I’ve missed you. :) But I am glad that you had a nice break. That’s SO exciting that the baby is almost here!! I’m so excited for you and your family. :D I also love your new blog header.
    Congratulations on getting a job. :) Umm…no I don’t know what Tim Hortons is, but I do know what McDonalds is. ;) ;)
    I’ve read “They Called Her Mrs. Doc” too! :D I really liked it. I really want to read “Love Comes Softy” sometime.
    You’ve started watching When Calls the Heart?!?!? Yay! I’m SO glad that you’re enjoying it so far! Have you seen all of the first season? Netflix better get the rest of the seasons up. ;) Yes! Elizabeth and Jack are just so wonderful together. :) Do you have a favorite character?

    I enjoyed reading your post very much, Blessing. =)

    1. Hi Rebekah!!! I missed you too! Although I was reading your posts! :) Gonna go comment on them as soon as I can :D Oh thanks! Glad you like the header :)

      Hehe, Tim Hortons is kinda like McDonalds' cause it's a fast food restaurant. But it's known more for coffee and donuts :)

      YES, I have seen the whole entire season of WCTH. Loved every minute of it, and yesssss....I hope Netflix puts the other seasons up soon!!! My favourite character would honestly be a tie between Elizabeth, Jack, and Abigail. But really everyone is so awesome ;) You?

      Thank you so much for commenting, Rebekah! :D

    2. Oh okay. :) Tim Hortons sounds like a nice place to work. Are you enjoying it?

      I really like Elizabeth, Jack, and Abigail too!! :D They're my favorites. :)

    3. Oh yes! Absolutely loving my job! :D

  2. Hello!
    Sounds like you have been busy! That's so neat you went apple picking. I want to do that someday. :)
    Congratulations on your new sibling! That's sooooooo exciting!
    What is Tim Hortons? And oh yes, I love When Calls the Heart! :)
    Ideas for a Christmas giveaway...hmm....a gift card, something homemade, a book, a bag with goodies inside, a unique food from where you live...:)

    Love in Christ,

    1. Hi Ashley!
      *gasp* You haven't gone apple picking before? My goodness, yes, you totally should try it one day! It's so much fun! :D

      Hehe, Tim Hortons is a fast food restaurant known for its coffee and donuts. So I come away from each shift smelling strongly of coffee. Which isn't bad actually . . . xD

      You like WCTH too? Awesome!! Who is your favourite character? Have you seen all the seasons? (if so, I'm soooo jealous of you ;))

      Ooohhh...lovely give-away ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, I'll be sure to keep them in mind :D

      Thanks so much for commenting! :D

  3. I certainly plan to try it one day. :)

    Oooohhh. I would LOVE working at Tim Hortons. I love coffee and donuts. ;)

    Yes, I have seen all of the season. It was season 1, I think. We watched it online on youtube. :D My favorite characters are Elisabeth and Jack. I think they make the perfect couple, and I do hope they get married in the next season, if there is any more to come. :)

    1. Hehe, yes, coffee and donuts make a marvellous combination ;)

      I think there are three seasons in total, and I'm dying to see the last two seasons! Really hope Netflix puts them up soon! :D

  4. Yay! You're back! Sounds like you had a good break! A new baby sibling! How exciting! I've always wished for that, being the youngest. What gender are you hoping for?

    When Calls the Heart. <3 All I'm gonna say. :) That part, though. "I'll never understand women." LOL. Yes, yes, we can be a bit difficult sometimes. ;)

    My October was good. Except my mom had to go back to America because of some family problems, and, yeah, it was kind of hard. But she's coming back in ten days. (We live in Africa, just in case you were a bit confused.) ;)

    Haha. I am a bit surprised at the number of people that do not know what Tim Hortons is. I don't even know how I heard about it. LOL. They do have them in America, don't they? Or do they? Are they mostly in Canada? And, yes, thankfully I know what McDonald's is. I'm not THAT "Africanized." ;)

    Haha. Those quotes, though. Apple products. Kinda sounds like something I would do, actually. LOL. Homeschoolers unite! ;D

    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your fun post! Welcome back! And I hope you have a lovely November as well! :)

    1. Hi Abigail! Great to 'see' you again! :D Hehe, yep, another new sibling! I'm not exactly sure what I'm hoping for. . . I think I'd be fine with either ;) But I'm guessing it's going to be a girl. What do you guess it to be?

      Hehe...yesss....very difficult ;) I can't even understand 'em and I'm one myself :P

      Great to hear your October was good! Oh dear, sorry to hear about the family problems. Hopefully it's been all figured out now :) I'll be praying for the safe return of your mom! :) Africa! Wow, that's so cool! Are you a missionary or a native, if I may ask? :)

      Oh haha! Are there Tim Hortons in Africa? I know they have some Tim Hortons in Niagara, but other than that I'm not sure if there are more in Africa. It's a Canada-based restaurant, so yeah, it's probably mostly in Canada :) Oh whew, ok! I wonder if there are more McDonald's in Canada or the US? ;)

      *high gives* Hehe, yep...only a homeschooler would say something like that :P

      Thank YOU for reading my post, Abigail! So glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

    2. Hmmmm...I guessed boy in the poll, but I don't know. I think it's really neat that your parents decided to wait to see. That takes some self control! ;) I don't think I could wait that long. Have your parents picked a name yet? Do y'all get to help pick it?

      Awwwww...thank you for your prayers. That's really sweet of you. I appreciate that. :) And I am an MK (Missionary Kid), but you could almost call me a native too because I was born here and have lived here my entire life (except for one-year furloughs and a few summer trips back to the States). I see it as my home. :)

      I don't believe there are any in our country but then again it is one of the small ones in Africa. We do have KFC and Pizza Hut! All the missionaries love it. :D South Africa is very "Westernized," so I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Hortons was there (we don't live in South Africa.) ;)

      You're welcome. :) It was a great post. I loved all the pictures too. So your little sister plays the violin? Just curious because I play it too! :) And your doggy is so cute. <3 What breed is he/she? I love dogs. :) I have two. A boxer/dachshund and a pure blood dachshund.

    3. No, actually, my parents don't pick the name until after the baby's born. Sometimes they take such a looonnnng time. I think the longest was between 2-4 weeks. We just called him 'Baby' for the longest time :P And no, us kids don't usually get to help choose the name ;) My parents are probably afraid of all the crazy names we'd think of :P

      Oh, that's so cool! Africa must be a pretty awesome place ;)

      Yes, my little sister and I both play the violin. You play it too? That's amazing! What's your favourite genre to play?

      Maple is a yellow lab, though she might have some other breeds mixed in as well. We never met the parents, so we're not totally sure :) Hot dogs! :D I've always wanted to actually meet a dachshund. I've only ever seen pictures of them, never petted them. Must be so cute :D

    4. Hmmmm...let's see. I play in church, so I play a lot of hymns and stuff like that, but I also love playing Christmas songs...and fiddling. :)

      Oh, guess what? My mom made it back safely from the States, and I am so glad to have her home! :) Which is part of the reason it took me so long to answer your question. Sorry. We were in the capital city for some of the time and didn't have Internet, etc. :)

      I had some ideas for future blog posts since you asked. I don't know if you have ever done anything like this but I think a "day in the life of you" would be kind of cool. Complete with pictures! I know, I'm complex. Perhaps I should just start a blog and use all my own silly, crazy ideas. ;) Another one might be favorites of yours? Like...
      Favorite boy name/girl name
      Favorite meal
      Favorite color
      Favorite dessert
      Favorite sibling...just kidding of course! ;P

      Yes, our little dachshunds are very cute, but sometimes quite annoying as they like to dig through the trash and pull out anything of interest and can make quite the mess of the yard, but...we love them anyways. :)

    5. Oh, that's cool! Fiddling is so much fun ;)

      That's wonderful! So glad your mom got back safely from the States! :D And no problem at all! I completely understand ;)

      Oohhh....awesome post ideas! I'll have to try the "Day in the Life" sounds like so much fun! :D And YES. You should totally start your own blog! I'd love to read it and see the uniqueness you add to the blogosphere ;) If you start the blog, you must let me know! :D
      Oh haha, I didn't know dachshunds liked to dig! xD

  5. Congrats on getting a job! I don't know what Tim Hortons is those... :P
    I love the pictures of your family!! Your little siblings are so cute. <3
    Those colors are BEAUTIFUL. We had some leafy loveliness too. :D
    Hahaha!!! XD Love those conversations!!
    Wow, you read sooo many books!! :) I've read They Called Her Mrs. Doc (looooved) and I want to read Love Comes Softly and Straight to You. :)
    When Calls the Heart!!! YESSSS!!!! I love that show soooo MUCHLY!! *huggles it* Haha, I loved that conversation between Elizabeth and the-boy-who-was-really-smart. (Can't remember his name XD)
    Good luck on your goals!! :)

    Great recap, Blessing!! :) I've missed your posts!!

    1. Thanks, Faith! Haha, you should try Tim Hortons! Come over someday and I'll bring you ;)

      Awww...thanks! Whaaa- the big siblings aren't cute either? ;P

      Oh...I wish I had shown you the link to Straight to You then! You see, Amanda Tero teamed up with a few other bloggers/authors and they had this sale where all these novellas and short stories were free for a day. I just got a TON of them! :D

      Gah, I don't remember what his name is either :P But YES, When Calls the Heart is just adorable amazingness ;)

      Thank you so much, Faith! :D

    2. *looks up Tim Hortons* Oooohhhh. Kind of like Dunkin Donuts. ;) Hehe, okay, I'll come right over. :P

      Well....okay...y'all are all cute. XD

      OH OH OH YES!! I got Straight to You free sometime last month!! I didn't realize it was through a sale, but I did get it. ^_^ Was Faith Blum possibly one of the authors?


    3. What on earth is Dunkin' Donuts? :P jk, I THINK I know what you're talking about. We have a few of those here too, I've just never been to one before ;)

      Yes, yes, yes! That sale! Yes, Faith Blum was one of the authors. She had Just As I Am there that I may or may not have gotten ;)

    4. O.O I love Dunkin Donuts!! Coffee + doughnuts = Faith's temporary sanity. .... Wait, y'all seriously have them up there?! The box itself says "America runs on Dunkin"... *finds this extremely comical* XD

      OOOH, okay! I did see something about the sale, and also got Just As I Am. (Of course you got it; you also read it last month. *points upward*

  6. You know, it was actually nice of you to take last month off and only have two posts for me to catch up. ;) How thoughtful of you! :)

    I'm sure you are super excited about the baby! Time sure flies! I'll look forward to seeing pictures of her/him. (I love the Chinese way of saying it because their word includes both him and her in one word. Why didn't the English think of coming up with something like that?)

    Sounds like good goals for this month. I want to have more time to read but . . . I'm not sure that's going to happen with all I'm trying get done. But maybe in December.
    Anyway, I enjoyed this post, Blessing. :)

    1. Oh, and I forgot. Yes, I do know what Tim Hortons is. I actually got to go to one when I visited my best friend in Canada. :) None of us are coffee drinkers, but we all like donuts. :)

    2. Haha! I was being very nice, wasn't I? ;)

      Eekss..this baby really seems to be wanting to take its own sweet time coming. Its due date is in a few days and there's still no sign of any appearance -_- Oh, and haha, it's not actually a Chinese way, it's more like a me-way of saying 'it" :P I just fell into the habit of saying 'it' instead of 'him or her'

      Oh yes, the reading ;) Heard you were super busy the past few weeks with the election and all. Hopefully you can get some good reading squeezed in somewhere!

      YES!!! You know what Tim Hortons is! *does the happy dance* Hip hip hurray!!! :D

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah! It was great hearing from you again :D

  7. First off, sorry I'm so late commenting on this post, but I just had to say, WELCOME BACK!!!! It's so good to have you around again. And I enjoyed this post immensely. Your random conversations were THE BEST!! "That's different. We weren't homeschooled" ... "OH you meant apple product as in iPod and iPhone not as in apple pie *facepalm*" ...HAHAHA! I love reading things like that. :D

    And oh!! THE BABY!!! I'm so excited for you! Fun times. :D

    I've seen the first two seasons of When Calls the Heart. Still waiting to see the third season. Jack is definitely my favorite character in the show. Elizabeth gets on my nerves sometimes, but overall I like her, too. Who's your favorite character? :)

    Well, must be off. Again, welcome back!! And good luck with all your November goals!

    1. Awww....thanks for dropping by, Miss March! It's great hearing from you again! :D

      Hehe, glad you enjoy the conversations ;)

      Hmm....favourite character of WCTH? Probably either Jack, Elizabeth, or Abigail. Hard to choose between them!

      Thank you so much for commenting! Your comments always make me smile! :)


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