Monday, 19 October 2015

Another One of those Random Posts

Dare Devil: I'm a man now!

Me: What?!?

Dare Devil: I'm a man now. 

Me: How do you figure that?

Dare Devil: My voice cracked!! That means I'm a man. See?

That's when I realize that he has a sore throat and his voice is hoarser than usual :P 

And just another random thing that's happened in my life. . .

I went into my homepage for one of my courses, and found this. 

Not too sure where that extra 4.0% came from, but that's a good thing, I guess :) 

Oh, yeah, and our trees have turned colours. . . you probably knew that from the school pictures but anyway, here's a picture of the trees. 

 This year, it's more a gold-ish yellow. I prefer a bright red-and-orange, but the gold's pretty still! What's your favourite fall colour? Yellowish or fiery red?

The days have been getting colder and colder. But since we wanted our music video with the fall colours, we've been filming in rather cold weather. In short sleeves too :P
You'd hardly know she was actually freezing in this photo! :P 
 The second day of filming, we went to the forest since it wasn't so windy. (caution of tree branches falling on our heads. . .don't want that!)

We went to the pond, and I sat on a tree branch that hung over a pond. Or anyway, where there was supposed to be a pond. It's dried up a lot during the summer, so it's gone back at least 5-6 feet from the "shore". That did mean then that there was less chance of me getting my big black skirt drenched, though!

 Tiger Lily and I were wearing rubber boots which can't be seen when we're standing, but are very much visible when sitting down. I asked Tiger Lily to not take film my boots. . . which she didn't. She took a picture instead. *sigh*

 It also hailed that day. Very peculiar weather actually. It was sunny, then cloudy. Raining, then clear. Blue sky, grey sky. Hail, no hail. Slight flurries. What other kind of weather can one get in one day?? :)


  1. johntcj@yahoo.ca20 October 2015 at 21:49

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  2. Little kids say the funnies things sometimes! :)
    I love all the autumn colors! Most of the trees in our yard turn yellow, but there are others in the neighborhood that turn red or orange, so we get to enjoy a mixture.
    Sounds like crazy weather! At least you didn't have to add heavy wind to all that. :)

    1. Well, two days after the crazy weather, we got heavy wind :P We were filming that day as well and poor Tiger Lily kept getting whipped by her own hair! And those big black skirts were billowing all over the place and trying to drag us off into the wind :P :D

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    My brother when he was a bit younger used to say a whole bunch of silly things just like your brother. (he is 8 years old now, so i guess since he is getting older he doesn't say silly things like that too much anymore) :) Although he does have a collection of crazy faces he likes to make!!

    Do you do your science online?

    1. Thanks for commenting Rebekah! :) Yes, I do do my science online. The past 3-4 years I was using Bob Jones University, but this year I'm doing it with Landry Academy. Do you do your science online? :D


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