Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Counting Our Blessings // Sawyer Maretzki

Time for another Counting Our Blessings post! If you would like to learn more about this, or read more awesome posts by others, click HERE.

Today, allow me to introduce Sawyer Maretzki to the blog! :)

Hello, I am Sawyer Maretzki. I'm twelve years old and I am one out of eight kids. And I live on a farm. I am also not a very good all. I haven't posted since last October and I only have three posts. Plus, I only have two followers :) I do love to write, but I feel I never have time. So thank you Blessing Counter, for making me write a post! :D Anyways! On with the blessings...

I am thankful for my friends...I may not have very many, but the ones I do have I'm very close to. They are always there for me. Truly a blessing. 

I am thankful for our farm...Living on a farm has taught me so much! Not only about animals and hay etc. etc. But also good life lessons, like responsibility, perseverance, wisdom, and many more! I love animals too! Six years before, when we lived in Oakville, (very opposite to farm life) we never had ANY pets, except for fish and they don't count. ;P Now, we have cows, chickens, horses, pigs, rabbits, cats, a dog, a tarantula, a bearded dragon, and fish. 

I am thankful for my siblings...Some people can't stand being around their siblings, but I love their company! I don't know what I would do without them. They're my best friends. Plus, I'm stuck with them my whole life, so I kinda have to love 'em! :)

Me and my siblings 

I am thankful for Bible Quizzing...I just love Bible Quizzing!! It's a great way to keep God's Word in your head, and it's super fun! I have Bible verses running through my head all day! It's great!

A Bible Quizzing tournament 

I am thankful for my cats...They are just awesome. They're cuddly, affectionate, adorable, furry, weird and so much more. Right now we only have four. We had three kittens, but my dad doesn't like that many cats, so we gave them away. :(  But our lady cat is pregnant AGAIN. :) I love kitties. Such a blessing to me.

I am thankful for prayer...Need I say more?? It's got to be my favourite thing. 

Well, that's all I got for today, but if you visit my blog- Maretzki Family Blog Maybe, just maybe, I'll post more. :D 

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Nice to meet you, Sawyer! :D These are some great blessings. Haha, I love the Outer Banks sweatshirts. XD *goes to stalk your blog*


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