Saturday, 9 July 2016

Called over airport intercom // Chocolate Fries

Okie dokie! Finally getting around to posting about our trip to North Carolina! I’ve got Tiger Lily helping me with this post, since duh, she was part of the trip too ;) So, here’s how it’s going to work. I’ll be purple, and she’ll be blue. Ready? :D 

 Hi Everybody!!!! :) Where be the pictures? (btw I don’t know how it happened, but I look ridiculous in almost all the pictures. It’s probably Blessing’s fault :P)

*coughs* ANYWAY, the first picture from our trip is this lovely wing from the plane. Have anything to say, Tiger Lily? 


Okaaayyyyyy. Here, we are taking a quick picture to let Mom and Dad know we got on the plane safely. 

OH! We have a story to tell about getting on the plane. So - 

We almost missed our flight. We had to go through security and then more security and then some more security -

And the machines also broke down the same day, so the line was SUPER slow - 

And then we had to run for 5 minutes to find our gate and I had a stitch. AND i was trying to text Mom to tell her we were on our way to the gate but that stupid autocorrect kept changing my message to  ‘heading to hate’. 

But I got her to stop because she almost ran a man or two down in the process :P 

HEY!!!! Wait....I did? 

Anyway, Mom got our messages, and she understood we meant gate, not ‘hate’. Once we reached the gate, a woman looked up and said, “Oh there they are!” 

They were holding the plane for us!!!!! I felt so special :D

Well, also for some other people as well. Once we got on the plane we just sat and rested. SO relieved that we got on the plane ok ;) After another 10-15 minutes, the plane got moving. Don't you just LOVE that exhilarating feeling you get whenever the plane is speeding down the runway, just before take off? It's my favourite part of airplane rides! Next to the clouds, anyway :) 

Ooohhhh clouds. I love seeing clouds like this :)

I feel sick just thinking abut it. 

In case you didn’t know, Tiger Lily gets airsick. And carsick. And boatsick. And motion sick. Yet she still likes rollercoasters. . .  and doesn’t get sick on them. Weird. . . ANYWAY, back to the trip. 

Once we landed, we went to the Wendy’s in the airport and got chili. The lady gave us a lot of crackers, and we kind of sort of might have made a big mess with them. And then Blessing went to get a frosty and somehow came back with fries instead and no frosty. 

Interrupting here. I did ask for a CHOCOLATE frosty, please. And the waiter said “okay”, punched in some stuff, and handed me french fries. Huh, maybe that explains the weird look she gave me. Wonder if she heard me say chocolate fries. . . .  

(Excuses, excuses, excuses….. :P) So, we had, or were supposed to have, 4-5 hours waiting in the airport until the shuttle bus came to pick us up, so we walked up a travellator and then down. And then up. And then down. 

Enter weird picture #1. 

Oh, and in case you wanted to know, Blessing thought it would be a great idea to shake up the coke bottle to make it a little less fizzy.

Hey, it DID work. Okay, so maybe it got a little more flat than we wanted….

Anyway, as Tiger LIly was saying, we had to wait quite a few hours by ourselves at the airport, so we did get a teensy bit bored for a time.  

Hey lookie!!! A weird picture of you, not me!!!! I took that picture :D 


OH. Another story. Okay, so did you know that the airport at Charlotte has rocking chairs inside it? 

Yeah, we also did that while we were waiting. Rocking. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. 

And then….. Our names got called on the intercom. "WOULD SO-AND-SO PLEASE GO DOWNSTAIRS TO BAGGAGE CLAIM". We just sat there at first, staring at each other in stunned silence. Then it called us again. 

We jumped out of our seats, grabbed ALL our luggage and ran for our lives. :P I thought we were going to be arrested or something for sitting in the rocking chairs. Hey, in my defense, I’d been up since 5 that morning!

It was just Ms. Christine, the lady who was supposed to pick us up from the airport. Whew. 

Anyway, we waited with other Landry students for another hour and a bit, then boarded a HUGE bus (fairly certain it was a tour bus of some sort) and drove for 2.5 hours until we got to the college. I listened to ALL three albums of The Willis Clan :D 

And I slept. While also listening to the Willis Clan. :D

As we pulled up to the front door of the college, a big group of people came rushing towards the bus, waving their hands and yelling. LOUDLY. 

I think it was supposed to be a welcoming but I wanted to go back in the bus and hide. It was like this, you wake up, step out of the bus and - “WELCOME TO LANDRY!!!!!” yelled right in your face. Not to mention the ears. 

They were so friendly, but yes, it was intimidating at first. VERY intimidating. Going from a quiet country house (okay, so maybe not SO quiet, but still) to being plopped amidst a bunch of yelling, screaming people. It’s scary. We followed the flood of people into the college, and somehow ended up in our dorm room. To be honest, I don’t remember much between getting off the bus and into our dorm room. All I can recall is TONS of people yelling and shaking your hand and lots of noise. Lots. 

Anyway, we got to our dorm room. Here’s a picture of it. 

P.S. Blessing had curled her hair before we left, and by the time we got there, about 10 hours later, it was flat :P Yeah, rough trip.  And just the tiniest bit stressful.

Ahem. After we unpacked most of our stuff, we took another picture to send to family. Just to let them know we were safe and had arrived, you know? :) The rest of the night was camp rules and assignments and who was your teacher and counsellor chats and that sort of stuff. And then ahhhhh. Sweet sleep ;) 

End of day 1! 

P.S. After awhile, I couldn’t really tell the days apart……. :P so there probably won’t be 13 posts; just saying 

Next post coming soon! :) 

Hey look. I can type on this when you’re not looking :P

Added note: I did not see that last sentence Tiger Lily added before posting this. We were working on Google Docs so that it would be easier for us to type, and apparently she went in and added some ...stuff before I copied and pasted. Sisters XD 


  1. Sounds like quite the start of an adventure. :) I'm enjoying having both of you "telling the story." It makes it even more interesting. ;)

    1. Yep, no dull moments for us, not even at the beginning ;)

      Oh, glad you think so, Rebekah! :D

  2. Hahaha, sounds like the start of a fabulous vacation, girls!! :D


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