Friday, 17 June 2016

I Did It For You ~ Part 6

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“They’re back!” Jack shouted excitedly. “They’re back, they’re back!” 

“Whoa! Hold on!” Aileen grabbed Jack. “You’ll ruin the surprise if you run out like that, Jack. C’mon, we have to go hide!” 

As she knelt behind the couch, she recalled what had happened in the past few weeks. Once her parents had realized she was firm in her decision to help Derek, they had instantly begun planning the trip to the hospital. After everything had been settled, they left with Derek to get the operation done. Two weeks later, Aileen and her brothers received an email from their parents. It was only seven words long, but the message was clear and simple: 


Everyone had gone crazy with excitement and joy. After they had calmed down some, Ed had the brilliant idea to plan a little surprise party for Derek once he came home. The answer had been unanimously affirmative. 

Now they all hid, waiting eagerly for the trio. As the door opened, they could hear them talking. 

“Where is everyone?” Derek sounded excited. “I can’t wait to actually see them!” 

“I have no idea,” their mother said. “I was so sure I heard Jack shouting.” 

Jack giggled. 

Then all five of them jumped out from behind chairs, dressers, and tables, yelling “SURPRISE!” 

Running forward, they threw themselves at the three and gave them a giant hug. 

“We missed you so much!” 

“Welcome home!”

“Hurrah for Derek!” 

Aileen watched Derek moving easily among them, his eyes alive with happiness. He caught her gaze and grinned. 

“What is that delicious smell?” Mr. Forrest sniffed the air hungrily. 

“Oh right!” Aileen rushed into the kitchen, calling over her shoulder, “It’s dinner time!” 

After saying the grace, Will remarked, “I was looking forward to a homemade meal the whole way home! All that hotel stuff gets to you after awhile,” he chuckled. “You sure outdid yourself, tonight, Aileen! Let’s dig in!” 

By the time dinner was over, everyone was stuffed full of good food. 

Aileen was about to clear away the dishes when her father’s voice arrested her. 

“So, Derek, have you decided to stay with us, or do you have different plans?” 

Wide-eyed, Aileen swivelled her head to look at Derek. 

Derek looked like this had been on his mind for awhile. “Well -” he hesitated, then rushed on, “If you’ll all have me, sir, I’d like to stay.” 

“That’s the ticket!” Ed slapped him on the back. 

Will smiled broadly. “I second that. We’d be honoured to have you, Derek.” 

“And, Mr. Forrest,” Derek looked up suddenly. “About the adoption- ”

Adoption? Did Dad ask him that while they were away? Aileen wondered. She held her breath, waiting for Derek’s answer. 

“Thank you for the offer. You’ve all been so good to me and I really appreciate it. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to have to refuse.” He looked straight into Mr. Forrest’s eyes. “I’d like to be able to carry on the Miller name. For my parents’ sake.” 

As Aileen listened to her father agreeing with Derek’s decision, a sudden happiness she didn’t quite understand welled up within her. 

Standing up, she began clearing the table. After placing the dishes in the sink, she grabbed her hat and quietly left the house. 

She headed toward the fields and climbed to the top of her favourite hill. Finding a comfortable place, she sat down and soaked in the beauty of the evening. The long meadow grass had turned orangish-red in the setting sun and was waving gently as a cool spring breeze blew lightly through them. 

She heard a slight noise behind her and turned. It was Derek. 

He stood there for awhile, watching the big flaming ball of fire melt away into a tawny golden puddle. 

“It’s so beautiful,” he breathed. “I never thought I’d see a sunset again.” 

He sat down next to her. 

After a moment’s silence, he said quietly, “Your dad told me what you did.” 

Aileen looked down into her lap. “You weren’t supposed to know.” 

“I’d have figured it out anyway,” Derek plucked a stalk of grass and started stripping the seeds from it. “Why did you do it?” 

She stared at the setting sun, struggling to find an answer. “Remember how you said that night how I would probably choose my dream over you?” 

He nodded. 

“Well, you showed me how selfish I was being. And I believe that the Lord was telling me it was the way to prove to you that you were special and that people did love you. So I decided to-” she paused. The lyrics from Trust in You came to mind. “I decided I wanted what the Lord wanted.”

A peaceful silence settled between the two young people. Then Aileen said suddenly, “You know, I’m glad you’re not going to be my brother.” 

He grinned. “Really now? Should I take that as an insult or a compliment?” 

“A compliment.” 

Derek hesitated, then said, “Did you mean it when you said you cared for me?”

She smiled shyly. “Yes.”

“Tell me again why you gave up your whole dream.” 

“Derek!” she laughed. “How many times do I have to tell you? You’re more important than any singing career. So much more important!” Aileen turned to look straight into his eyes.

“I did it for you.” 



  1. Wow! Great job, Blessing! The story is short, but good. It has a wonderful message and characters you can feel with. Very well done.

  2. Ahhhh, I just love this sweet, dear story so much!!! :D Great idea to share it here where all your readers can enjoy it. :) I really enjoyed re-reading the ending, too! Have you considered writing a sequel?

    Congrats on winning, Blessing! Keep up the amazing work. :-)

    1. Thank you, Faith! Actually, yes, I have considered writing a sequel...but to be honest, I'm not too convinced of it yet ;)

  3. Aww. That was an adorable ending. Good job, Blessing! :D And now I'm totally rooting for Aileen and Derek to get married when they grow up!! You don't, by any chance, have a sequel in mind, do you? ;) Maybe someday you should turn it into a long story. That would cool. :)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us!! I enjoyed reading it.

    ~Miss March

    1. Haha, thanks Miss March! I kind of have an idea for a sequel, but it's so very short, I think it would be super hard to turn it into something. But we'll have to see! :D

  4. This is such a great story, Blessing!! :D I really enjoyed it! :)

  5. Oh, I loved it!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us and congrats again for winning 2nd!!! :D

    1. Oh good! Glad you liked it, Kaitlyn! Thank you so much! :)

  6. *squeals excitedly* That was so sweet! I Loved it!!!! Great job, Blessing!

  7. I know this is months later, but this is great! Is there going to be a sequel for it...? ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Carissa! Glad you enjoyed it :) As for a sequel, no there haven't been any plans for one... yet. You never know what the future might hold! ;)


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