Friday, 1 April 2016

School Time

 Lots of busy little workers this morning! Today's lesson: Phylums Anthophyta, Coniferophyta, Pterophyta, and Bryophyta. (Kudos to you if you remember what kind of plant goes in each phylum ;)

Included a little nature walk today as well, finding the different plants for drawing.

And of course, this little guy wasn't going to be left out! :D 

The three younger ones weren't the only busy ones! Spiderman was constructing some pretty awesome gliders too.

Apologia is really awesome! The books are really descriptive and colourful and the projects in them are so much fun. It really keeps everyone occupied :)

Have you tried Apologia before? Did you like it?


  1. Awesome! I used Apologia for Chemistry and Biology! I liked it alot, even though I don't like science :P it helped me understand it much easier

    1. That's cool, Lauren! I haven't gone so far in Apologia before, is the format in the books the same as the younger levels (like lots of pictures!), are is there more....text? :P

    2. More text :P of course there are plenty of pictures and illustrations but...apparently they think older kids don't like pictures as much as younger kids! ;)

    3. Haha, they're very wrong there :P I LOVE the pictures!!

  2. Fun! I have done General Science and am now doing Physical science with Apologia. What book are you in?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Actually, I stopped doing Apologia a few years ago since the courses I was taking didn't correspond with the books anymore. But I'm going through the books I had done with my younger siblings now! :) Time to pass on the information ;)

      Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. Oh, looks like fun! :) I used Apologia botany in...fifth grade? Our homeschool co-op did it and I enjoyed it. :)


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