Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Counting Our Blessings // Rebekah Morris

How are you all finding this series? I've been enjoying it immensely! Reading all these blessings that y'all have been sharing has truly been an honour :) 

This week's special guest - Miss Rebekah Morris! 

~          ~          ~    

Thank you for letting me come by and visit with your readers, Blessing Counter. I love "meeting" new friends. But let me introduce myself. My name is Rebekah A. Morris and I am from the United States. I've gotten to visit Canada a few years ago (since one of my best friends married a canadian), and enjoyed my visit. I'm a homeschool graduate, author, aunt, and daughter of the King. Though I think I should have put them in a different order. I play the piano and violin, hand quilt (when I get in the mood), knit baby hats while listening to audio books, and have too many projects on my "to-do" list.

I love a good book and would spend much more time reading if I could find some extra hours. (Anyone have any they want to get rid of? ;) ) Writing and publishing my own books is still a bit unreal to me as I never dreamed that I would become a published author. If you are looking for some new books to read, you can check out my site at I also offer writing tips there.

If you are a writer, just remember to always write for the glory of God and not just something that "will sell."

Some of the blessings I'm thankful for are:
• A family who is quite tolerant of my eccentric ways. :)
• NEO – How would I ever write if I had to compose on a glaring computer screen? By hand I guess. I did write a lot of my first book, Home Fires of the Great War that way, so it is possible, but NEO saves so much time. :)

• A way to self-publish my books because they wouldn't fit in the "normal" publishing houses.

I hope you'll come by and visit.


  1. All great blessings. :) I'm enjoying this series immensely, Blessing!!! :D

  2. Thanks for doing this, Rebekah! :D

    I agree, remembering to write for God's glory is really important. I find I have to remind myself that sometimes when I'm writing or thinking of writing something :)

    Thanks for sharing these blessings, Rebekah! :)


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