Monday, 12 January 2015

Singapore - Part 11

Guess what?!? Ironman and Cousin 3 jumped over a river of fiery lava! And Tiger Lily almost got shot out of a cannon, but smiled the whole time! Cinderella sat on the moon while Dare Devil jumped out of a picture! And Toblerone and I sprouted lovely white wings and Dad got trapped in a snow globe.

I even have a few pictures of it....

Okay, okay, it didn't actually happen. :) You probably already knew that, didn't you? But don't the pictures look cool? I didn't photoshop or anything like that. 
The place to go is the TRICK EYE MUSEUM. It's a really cool place that gives unique backgrounds to make it look as if you were actually there or doing something. Here are some more pictures that were taken. 

I turned this photo upside down to give it the right effect.

These guys didn't quite get it. :)

Spiderman and Cousin 3 pulling Ironman out of
a fish.


Climbing with the panda bears

This fish smells bad!

Captured by the GIANT baby!

The Ames Room. Cousin 3 and Ironman are the same size by the way.

Hi Toblerone!

Don't fall in!

Don't look down!!!


My legs don't match my waist :(

Cannon Ball!!


Great balance!

Cannon Ball #2

What am I doing again?

Mommy, this is sc-scary!!

Ironman tried to look like he was going to fall in. . .

but he leaned too far in. . .

and actually did fall into the lava river!

Cinderella sittin' on the moon

What a good host!

Hey, I grew a tail! :)

The Little Match Girl and the Little Match Boy

Nice wings, Dad!

I like these wings

Pull! Don't let go!

Why does that person look so familiar?

Why do all those people look so familiar? :)

Cousin 1 doing a front flip in the museum.

And Cousin 2 doing a back flip in the museum. 

And Cinderella falling out of the picture.

And Dare Devil daring to jump off the wall!


  1. Oh, how funny! I loved the pictures in this post! :) That looks like a lot of fun! Probably some place I'd have way to much fun in. :P

  2. looks really neat and fun.


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