Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow! It's 2015! I wonder what this year has in store for us? I know that 2014 was full of surprises and lessons.

Let's see, in 2014 a few important and unimportant things that happened to me was I
  • turned 14
  • started high school
  • had my first piano exam
  • became interested in photography
  • went skiing for the first time since I was 4
  • started this blog :)
  • went camping (we haven't done that for a LONG time)
  • played through 3 grades in piano
  • bought my first DSLR
  • swam in an outdoor swimming pool on Christmas Day!
  • started my first live (but online) class with the Virtual Learning Centre 
  • learned a very hard but very important lesson: if you're saving files and pictures on your computer, be sure you're logged on an administrator's account. If you're logged on as a guest user (as I was) and the computer runs out of battery and dies, all the files and pictures are instantly erased. I'm not kidding, EVERYTHING IS ERASED!!!! (Which kinda explains why I haven't put any posts on Singapore recently. All those Singapore pictures were erased. :( Thanks to my uncle, however, 50% of the photos were recovered by using a card reader on my memory cards. Now I've just got to sort through them and organize again)
  • went to Singapore!!
  • made two REALLY nice new friends

And then several things that happened in the family:

  • Toblerone turned 1
  • Cinderella lost her first tooth
  • Ironman started piano lessons
  • We visited the Warplane Museum
  • Our grandparents treated us to a trip to Ripley's Aquarium
  • Toblerone started walking (he's currently running now though)
  • The dangerous swing was put up
  • Spiderman celebrated his 10th birthday (double digits!!)
  • Tiger Lily celebrated her 13th birthday in Singapore (which is significant, not only because she's now a number that ends with "teen", but also because I celebrated my 13th birthday in Singapore.)
  • Tiger Lily and I hemmed and sewed around 60 gingham napkins for a birthday party
  • Mom and Dad had their 18th anniversary

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  1. Wow! Quite a list. :) Glad you were able to recover most of your pictures! I don't take many pictures, but I know that when my other computer started messing up earlier this year, I nearly panicked because I hadn't backed up all my stories! Thankfully I was able to back them up and didn't lose them.


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