Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Sister, Tiger Lily + Blessings!

Hello! This post will be about my sister, Tiger Lily. There are also a couple of blessings later on.

She really loves climbing trees!
So I got her to pose in a whole bunch of different
ways in an apple tree. 
This was taken last winter. We were taking a nature walk
through the woods and found such a nice tree!

I really like this picture!

She tried to grab the camera from me and I managed to
snap this crazy picture!

October 1
  Blessing #7:  Crimson Sunsets
October 2
Blessing #8: Watching DareDevil try to throw


  1. I used to climb trees all the time with my best friends, but we no longer have any good climbing trees and it's been years since I'm actually climbed any.

  2. I love climbing too, tiger lily,


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