Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Blessing #6

Don't you think that flowers are an absolutely beautiful example of God's handiwork? I do! Snapping these pictures made me notice details that I hadn't seen before and it just made the flowers even more amazing!

It started out as this little green bud...
Then blossomed into this lovely flower!
I think this is a hydrangea. I'm not an expert at
flower names!
Is this considered a pink black eyed susan, a cone flower
or echinacea?
The Pink Pom Pom!
This looks kinda fluffy!
Do you think dandelions are flowers or weeds?
I took the following pictures at the park.
Most of the flowers were already dead, but thankfully
there were still a few left!
I know these aren't flowers, but they were fun to take
 pictures of!
Do you like this picture better or the one just above it?


  1. Love all the flower pictures! I'm not an expert on flower names either, but I think it might be echinacea.

  2. i love those flowers!!!


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