Friday, 23 February 2018

Connected by the Heart

One of God's biggest blessings to me has got to be my sisters. I mean, He sure knew what He was doing when He gave me sisters.

Sisters aren't just the girls you're biologically related to. To me, they're also the girls that I can share my secrets and struggles with. They're the girls who will always be there for me, through the thick and the thin. The ones who will not only laugh with me but cry with me as well. The ones who won't leave me to go through something alone. The ones who remind me of God's promises, who always have a Bible verse at hand to throw at me (in the best way possible), and who point me back to God when I'm looking every which way but the right one. The ones who encourage me and the ones who will tell me my flaws, not to hurt me, but because they love me. The ones that I shall grow old with (we'll be just so old and wrinkled, sitting in rocking chairs knitting... huh, actually I wonder if knitting will even be a thing in the future...ok getting sidetracked...where was I? Oh right...) 

I think one thing I've learned is that we can still always be there for one another, even if we can't always be with each other. I do not share a home with certain sisters of mine...and so sometimes we've had to resort to virtual hugs and conversations over text. Which trust me, awesome as they are, are not as nice as actual hugs and person-to-person conversations. But we've learned that just because we're not right in front of each other doesn't mean we're not still there for each other. We make do and then just give each other ginourmous hugs when we do get to see each other xD 

The future seems to be coming faster than I would like it and the idea of being separated from my sisters is rapidly becoming a reality. But even though the world is most likely going to be under threat of drowning from all of our tears when that time comes (just kidding...kinda :P), we're still going to be sisters. Distance isn't going to break us apart. If anything, it could even bring us closer together. The quote "Side by side or miles apart, Sisters will always be connected by the heart" is so true. I am so blessed by my sisters and the bonds that we shall forever share. 

Thank you, God, for sisters 💜

"A sister in Christ is a sister for Life"! 


  1. So true. Heart Sisters are such a wonderful blessing from God! :)

  2. How about brothers as well? God does give us brothers too! In heaven we are all brothers and sisters because we only have One Father in Heaven bonded together in the Love of God. No grandparents, great grand parents or parents. All of us will be angels but we will certainly have spiritual relationships. We cannot fully comprehend the new paradigm in the spiritual realm, at least not now until we get there! Meanwhile, always remind ourselves that we are one in the Bond of love. That is the most powerful gift God has given us and now made clear to all of us through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

    1. Oh yes! Brothers are a huge blessing to me as well, no doubt at all :) And so true! Thank you for the reminder ^_^

  3. This is so true, Blessing! I'm very thankful for my 'sisters'. :)

  4. Love this post! I'm so thankful for all the girls I get to call sisters as well! <3


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