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Racing for Time // Book Review

Hmmm…where should I start? Let me think - oh I know! 


(I admit, I may or may not be just a teensy weeny bit biased…since I may or may not have helped edit the book and the author may or may not be one of my best friends… ;)) 

Some scenes were kinda unrealistic at times, but it’s definitely a start for a budding new author! There’s always room for improvement, right? :) But not all the scenes were unrealistic. Some scenes were so well described that I felt like I was actually there. Especially the ones in the kitchen for some reason. It’s SO fun to read about cooking/baking food - or anyway, I think so ;) 

I really liked Janefer and Mel’s characters … super hard to choose a favourite. The two girls balance each other out well and their love for each other is evident. Definitely a friendship worth envying! :) Mrs. Davis is a very sweet lady and very much reminds me of a close family friend in my own life ;) Detective Jack Whitby is - well, a very interesting character *spoiler* My sister especially was very “sad” that Jack was actually a bad character ‘cause she loves the name Jack (because she may or may not have a teeny crush on Constable Jack Thornton from WCTH. Who doesn’t? ;)) And Melba! Love her! She’s such a sweet bubbly person, would love to meet her in person!

Janefer’s questions and thoughts, especially while she was in the hospital. I found quite relatable. There are times when Satan throws so many things your way you end up giving in and letting doubt and depression just darken your mind. Then it feels like you’re just falling and you’ll never be able to get back up. But then God shines His light through the darkness and makes you see through the clouds - realize that no matter what might happen, God is always in control and He’s got a plan. 

And Janefer’s dad. *spoiler* ‘Kay…so I don’t know about you; but I literally had tears streaming down my face when I first read the scene of Janefer and her dad’s last time being together. Then when I edited it with Livs…I started crying again because it was just so sweet and so sad and well…yeah. Ask Liv. When I edited the story, I ended up leaving her a rather lengthy comment with detailed descriptions on exactly how I was reacting to the whole thing ;) Poor Liv was probably going “Uhhh….I’ve got the weirdest friend…” xD 

The mystery woven throughout the story was well-written and the clues were nicely spread out throughout the plot. It was kinda easy to figure out who the bad guy was, but I still enjoyed it. It was fun to see the plot develop and oh yeah, just saying, Miss Nickerson is really good at leaving her readers on cliffhangers… ;) And the plot twists…loved ‘em!  
So yeah! All in all, I really enjoyed this novella by Olivia and I look forward to reading the *squeals* sequel! God bless you in your writing career, Livs! :) 

About the Author

Olivia Nickerson is a young and aspiring author who lives with her a family in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she enjoyed writing little stories to print out on the computer and giving out to her family. Shen she is not writing, she enjoys playing sports at her youth group, hanging out with her family and friends, and reading. She can be reached through several social media sites:

Author’s Note: 
In 2015, I posted the first chapter of Racing for Time on my blog. I know that my previous “stories” were cheesy and not very well written. I wanted to write a good story, with non-cheesy people in it. I got great feedback from my posts of Racing for Time, and eventually the idea came that I should publish. It was a long process with writing, editing, and finally--publishing. I hope you will enjoy this book and to quote Ms. Earhart: “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

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