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Racing for Time // Author Interview

Day 2 of Olivia's book blog tour for Racing for Time! This time, we'll get to interview the author herself! :D

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Welcome again to the blog, Liv! 
Thank you so much for helping me out in this!

No problemo! So excited you're releasing your book! So...your first question, what was the inspiration for Racing for Time
My inspiration for writing Racing for Time started a couple of years ago, in 2015, when I was on my blog. In the past, I had written fairly cheesy stories that weren't very good, so I wanted to write a good story. I wrote the first chapter and posted it. It seemed to have good feedback, so I posted the next chapter that same day. I finally finished writing the book the next year, 2016! From there, I went on to publishing it! :)

That's awesome! What did you find the best part of writing? The worst? 
The best part of writing, I'd have to say, was perhaps during the first couple of chapters. Maybe the first 2 chapters? They were fairly easy. The worst part......was maybe when I wasn't on a roll with writing, and not feeling many ideas, or feeling a bit worried that it wasn't fitting together, or a bit frustrated.

Oh yeahh... writer's block can be hard. But you overcame it, so kudos to you! :D Now what would you say is your favourite scene in the entire book?
Ohh... favorite scene? hmm.... Well, the scene with the ladle poised over her head is quite funny. Especially during editing with my good friend, we were sending each other photos of what it might look like. Here's one I sent: 

Hehe! I remember that picture ... all too well ;) What was the hardest scene for you to write? 
The hardest scene to write, that I can remember would probably be when Detective Whitby is at the Davis's house, searching in their basement. I was juggling two ideas, and it wasn't coming to me very well at the time.

This question might be a teensy bit hard . . . apologies ahead of time ;) Who is your favourite character? (If you can choose a favourite ;)) 
My favorite character.. would probably be Janefer, I think. :) She seems to be very real and not super fake, with a bit of humor. Melba is so sweet as well... :D

Oh yes! Melba is very sweet! :) And last question... any plans for a sequel? 
Well.... YES! The sequel has already been started! :D Hopefully to be published this year as well. It will hopefully be just as exciting and thrilling as the first one! 

Hurray! I can't wait to read the sequel :) Thank you for coming to the blog, Livs! 
Thanks so much!

About the Author

Olivia Nickerson is a young and aspiring author who lives with her a family in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she enjoyed writing little stories to print out on the computer and giving out to her family. Shen she is not writing, she enjoys playing sports at her youth group, hanging out with her family and friends, and reading. She can be reached through several social media sites:

Author’s Note: 
In 2015, I posted the first chapter of Racing for Time on my blog. I know that my previous “stories” were cheesy and not very well written. I wanted to write a good story, with non-cheesy people in it. I got great feedback from my posts of Racing for Time, and eventually the idea came that I should publish. It was a long process with writing, editing, and finally--publishing. I hope you will enjoy this book and to quote Ms. Earhart: “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

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