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Counting Our Blessings // Rebekah Eddy

Today's special guest blogger is Rebekah Eddy! I love her blessings, and I'm sure you will too! So let's get onto the post! :) 

When Blessing Counter asked me if I would be willing to do a guest post on her blog, I had two reactions. The first one was excited; this would be my first time as a guest on a different blog than my own. The second one was hesitant; I knew my life was going to be busy during May, and I wasn’t sure I could commit to something like that. Thankfully, Blessing has been very flexible and allowed me to take way longer on this post than I think she thought I would. ;) 
But now, onto the post:
I am supposed to give you a few of the things that God has blessed me with. She didn’t tell me whether to pick blessings from the past or present, but I’ll give you a few of both. 

1: Trials
This blessing probably took you by surprise. BLESSED by TRIALS?!?!? Who is this crazy person? But think about it. Jesus and Paul and Peter and all sorts of other people in the New Testament tell us that being a Christian isn’t easy. Our lives are never going to consist of Bible lessons and cupcakes while walking on a paved sidewalk through beautiful flowers and butterflies by the wounded side of Christ. We walk on the narrow path: a path that goes against the world’s way, a path that is both difficult and dangerous. We’re going to be despised and rejected. 
We American’s have it easy right now, and it’s made us a little lazy in our spiritual walk, but that could change at any point. Have you noticed that it’s where people are getting beaten, tortured, and killed for their faith that Christianity is the strongest? No lukewarm Christians are willing to put up with those things if they can help it. 
Personally, I don’t want to ever have to go through torture for my belief in God. I’m an imperfect human just like you. The thought of pain and death are still scary to me. I realize I’m weak, and part of me fears that I’ll be too weak to suffer for my Savior. But after thinking about it…I would be willing to die for Him. After all: “To live is Christ; but to die is gain”. I think Paul, of all people, knew what he was talking about. 
Ok, now you’re wondering “So why are trials a blessing?” Glad you asked. :P Here are my reasons:
a) They bring you closer to God
b) They make your faith in Him stronger and
c) They give you a greater appreciation of what Jesus went through when He died for our sins

2: Freedom
This appears to be fast disappearing in our nation today…not to mention all over the world. We need to remember to thank God for every moment of it that we have. 
So far, we can still come together with other believers on Sunday without the fear of imprisonment or even death. We have the choice to have as many children as we want. We are still able to keep and educate them at home. That may or may not last through our lifetime. 
With the string of bad decisions our nation has made, I’m noticing how frighteningly thin the thread that holds our freedom together has become. 
People have twisted the word until its almost unrecognizable. They’ve changed “freedom” into what they think are well-deserved “rights”. It’s absolutely sickening. No wonder our nation has gone down hill. To be completely honest, we deserve the wrath of God. I’m a little surprised that we haven’t been destroyed yet. We’re acting all the world like Sodom and Gomorra, like the people in Noah’s day before God sent the global flood, like those who built the Tower of Babel. 
Our God has been merciful. He’s given us freedom when we deserve His wrath. Don’t take it for granted. Freedom is a blessing. 

3: Jesse Divakar
No, I’m not getting to know anybody. ;) This young man is actually my older sister’s future spouse and my future brother-in-law. God brought him into our life a long time ago, and he was just a friend. But later, when he began getting to know my older sister, he became a lot more than that. He became a brother…and a blessing.

4: Online friends
I’ve given you a couple spiritual blessings and a family blessing, now its time for a fun blessing. :) 
When I first started my blog, my parents gave me a lot of warnings about the dangers of everything online. Internet access can be a blessing, but it’s also a scary place, and a place that can get you into a lot of trouble. Anyone who has any experience in online things knows what I’m talking about.  Let’s just say you can’t Google anything and everything. 
God so far has spared me from creepy stalkers…creepy online people period, actually. He even helped the details come together for me to be able to meet two of my blogging friends in person! Each person I’ve found on here have been godly, homeschooling, like-minded writers who hope to glorify our mutual Savior with everything they do. It’s seriously awesome.
You all who I’ve gotten to know through my blog over the last three years have been a huge blessing. ^_^ Not only have a lot of you helped me polish my story writing, but you’ve patiently encouraged my helpless attempts at poetry, put up with my endless supply of tags, and survived through my crazily unpredictable schedule. Y’all are awesome. And, like I can’t say enough, such a blessing. Thank you. :)

So there are the blessings. Obviously, there could have been a lot more, but I’d have to have all of eternity to tell you about them…so I’ll save it for heaven. ;) I hope you enjoyed this post, and those of you who don’t know about me or my blog, feel free to visit me at: 

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, Rebekah! Trials are a blessing that don't seem like a blessing at the time, but looking back and seeing the way God has orchestrated everything is truly humbling. In our walk with Him, whatever we go through is to bring us closer to Him! Thank you for sharing that. :)
    And Freedom! Yes, that is a blessing I hold very dear! The way our nation is headed makes he shudder. We have been blessed, yet we are turning from the principles we are founded on and going our own way. I'm just so thankful that the freedom found in Jesus can never be taken away!!!

    Thanks so much for hosting these posts, Blessing!! I'm really enjoying them. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Rebekah! This was such a great post. I really liked that you emphasized trials being a blessing. I actually just wrote a post on my blog about trials. I thought you approached trials perfectly and I know this post encouraged my faith as I'm sure it did others.

    1. Wow. I'm so glad this post was a blessing to you. :) It's the ultimate goal of everything I write, so it was so encouraging to hear that from you! :)

  3. I enjoyed your guest post, Rebekah. :)
    This was a great idea, Blessing! I hope you keep posting guests who share their blessings with the rest of us. :)

  4. Lovely, lovely blessings, Rebekah! :) I enjoyed reading this post -- so encouraging.

    1. Inspiring, not encouraging. ;) Well, both really!!


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