Friday, 20 May 2016

Counting Our Blessings // Lea Hoffmann

Well, well, well, would you look at that? It's Friday already! How time flies :) What are you going to do this Victoria Weekend? I've got a few exciting and fun things planned, including this post by a close friend! 

 Hi, my name is Lea Hoffmann, and I'm your average Christian teenager. You may know me from my blog by the name Redroses474. I'm here by the request of my friend (Blessing Counter) to talk about myself. I was born in Germany with a huge family of 6 sisters (I'm the youngest). When I was still a child, my Dad decided that we would be moving to Canada, and I'm happy we did. We left my 5 sisters behind (because they were married and had children) and it was just me and my other sister Ina. Around one year later, we moved and it was amazing. I got to see the busy city (for me it was busy, but then I saw New York on TV), and I had amazing friends, we even opened our Russian church for a while (did I mention I'm Russian and German?) but it all went wrong when everybody wanted their own ways, and that's where that ended. My family moved in a condo building, and from there on, I just started going further and further away from God, and before you knew it, I was scared to call myself a Christian because I knew that's not who I was. Years past and High-school came, that's when I heard the "horrible" news, I was going to be taking High-school online. I say "horrible" because I thought I was going to lose all the "amazing" friends I had at school (which I did eventually). I kept on praying and asking God to make my family change their minds, but He didn't, and I'm thankful He didn't. My friends from school started drifting away (just as I suspected) and I was "all alone". At this time, I started knowing God and being interested in Him, also at this time I was actually hanging out with the teens at my church and I started paying attention to sermons and taking them to heart. I started making goals to myself, such as limiting my listening to unchristian music, reading the Bible, and praying every morning and night, going to Grace Youth (a place where kids and teens meet at church to play games, talk, and discuss the Bible, etc). I started getting closer and closer to God and I loved every second of it. I loved His love, kindness, mercy and forgiveness, and I was happy that He took away all of my distractions to look at Him and just pay attention to Him. Not long before the whole online school thing happened, I was begging the Lord to get me to know Him, and He did in His own way. Now that I think about everything that happened, I'm happy it did. When I was confident enough, I started my own blog and I'm happy I have people reading it.

I'm blessed with so many great friends, and with a family that loves me. I'm thankful that the Lord gave me a chance to get to know Him. I'm also very thankful for this blog, and blessed that I can write in it.

I hope my story gave you something that you were missing in your heart, or maybe you were just bored and decided to read this, but I'm happy you took the time to read it.

Yours truly
Lea Hoffmann


  1. What a great testimony. :) Thanks for sharing, Lea!

    I love this series, Blessing! And... What's Victoria weekend?

    1. Thank you Faith I hope you had a fun time reading,

      Lea Hoffmann

    2. Thanks, Faith! Oh, hehe, I thought everyone celebrated Victoria Day's ;) It's to commemorate Queen Victoria's birthday. Aka long weekend, yahoo! :D

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  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Lea, and being willing to post here! It was amazing to read, and I really liked getting to know more about you :D
    And, I love your blessings!


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