Friday, 11 March 2016

Cupcake Experiments // Reading

Don't you just love it when you experiment with something for the first time and it comes out really well? :) 

Saw this baking video with this really cool technique in making two-toned flowers. Although really, once you know the technique, you can make two-toned anything! 

 And Tiger Lily entered a Pi Day Baking contest that is being held in her logic class. (it's virtual, so they judge by creativity)

I was enlisted to help ;) 20 cupcakes, half a batch of buttercream frosting, and lots of melted chocolate (that would't harden when we piped them on wax paper, so it ended up being piped directly on the cupcake)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reading If You Give A Mouse A Cookie to Dare Devil and Toblerone

Toblerone: MOUSE!!!!
Me: Shhh....You don't have to shout. We have to be quiet when we're reading
Flip the page
Toblerone (in a whispered shout): Mouse!!

Got to give him credit, he did try to be quieter :P


  1. Beautiful cupcakes! I love the blue color!! Thanks for sharing :D!

  2. Those flower cupcakes are so pretty! I love the color.
    I also really like the cupcakes that you guys made for the Pi Day baking contest. That's such a fun idea. :)
    Oh that's so cute. Little kids can be so funny sometimes. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Glad you liked them :)

      Haha, yes, little kids are funny ;)

  3. I love things little ones say. :) My just-turned-3-years-old nephew was playing with his helium balloons that he got for his birthday. One had a monkey face on it. He was pulling it down and talking to the monkey. "Come down here, little monkey. Come here, monkey." Then, once he had it pulled down, he held it in front of his face and said, "Hello, Gorgeous!" :D (I had to laugh.)

    1. Oh my goodness! That is SOO cute!! Haha, I wish I could have seen it! :)

  4. Oh, those two-toned cupcakes are so pretty! And I love what y'all did for Pi day! :D Aww, Toberlone sounds adorable. ;)


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