Friday, 4 September 2015

Days #177 - #189

Tuesday, August 25: Heaven
Yes! I finally bought the album. :) Tiger Lily and I have been listening to it constantly! 
Wednesday, August 26: Queen Anne's Lace

Thursday, August 27: Natural Beauty

Friday, August 28: Colonial Times

Sunday, August 30: Homemade Heart-Shaped Crayons

Monday, August 31: Little Furry Friend

Wednesday, September 2: Rejoice!

Thursday, September 3: Downpour

Friday, September 4: Red Dragonfly


  1. Haha, Blessing Counter!! That's awesome that you bought the Willis Clan CD!! We have been listening to their music constantly since June!! We have their CD as well!! That's so neat!

    1. Yes, isn't their music great? Do you have all the CD's, or just Heaven? What's your favourite song? :)

  2. We have just the actual Heaven CD, but Eric has almost all of the other albums on Itunes. I agree, I LOVE their music and dance!! I love a whole bunch of their songs, but one of my favourites is Boys from Boston. Have you listened to it? It's wordless, but it's awesome. I also like Sadie, and Don't leave me tonight, and well, all of them!!

    1. No, I haven't heard Boys from Boston or Sadie before. Which album is it in? Roots or Boots? I have heard of Don't Leave Me Tonight, though. It's a beautiful song! My favourites are probably Heaven, Now or Never, What Can I Say, 100x Better Than You, Come With Me, Don't Leave Me Tonight, and So Close. :)

      I haven't decided if I should buy the actual CD's for the other albums or just get them on iTunes. What do you find is better?

  3. I really like the last picture you posted!.....well..I like all of them....:).

  4. I'm am so far behind in posts that I won't try to comment on each one. Sorry. :) But I did look at all the pictures. You are getting better and better. :) I like that dragonfly. Very well done.

    1. That's totally alright, Rebekah! ;) Thanks for looking at the posts, I really appreciate it :D


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