Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day #49 | Flowers! :)

Beautiful delicate white flowers springing up in the forest, fresh green grass steadily growing all over the place, it's springtime at last! :)


  1. Those are really pretty! We've been having rain and rain, and more rain.

  2. Well, April showers bring May flowers. . . ;)

  3. hey! do you know what kind of flowers these are? thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Actually no, I do not know what they are!

      Wait, change that to I DID not know what they are :P I just did a little bit of research and I believe the first flower is called bloodroot and the second one is called white hepatica. I could very possibly be wrong, but the pictures looked pretty much the same! :)

    3. thanks. I've read that the root of the blood root when smeared on the hands and face could keep off mosquitos!

    4. Oh wow! That's interesting, Tiffany. I'm not too keen on smearing that sticky stuff on me, but I guess if the mosquitoes are really bad, I might have to use it! :) Thanks for that little tip on botany!


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