Thursday, 31 May 2018

Filters, Heights, and Sushi Trains

Hello again! A lot has happened in the past ten days so that blog title isn't quite right as it doesn't nearly sum up all the stuff that is actually in this post. But oh well...Here goes! 

// Does anyone have the Facebook app on their phone? Maybe you know of this, maybe you don't, but Facebook now has these very fun filters which is SO much fun to use, especially on little people. Although...I did show my grand uncle and grandfather the filters and then we had a bunch of fun trying it out on all of us xD I've been using it a lot on Sweet Pea as she loves seeing herself as little animals. Prepare yourself for a flood of adorableness ;) 

 // Swimming! An essential really for us in Singapore. If we didn't have access to a pool I think we'd be long gone by now :P But thank goodness, our granduncle has not one, but TWO (not including the kiddie pool) pools that we have access to at the apartment! Been spending quite a bit of time there 😊

 // Gems. Like actually, these cookies are called gems. And they're soooo good. It's pretty much a tiny little biscuit with some kind of icing on it. Sweet but delicious!

 // Stationary stores. The past little while we've been in Singapore, I've been doing a lot of drawings (might be able to post them later!) and my aunt thought it would be a great idea to go to some stationary stores. They're AWESOME. We've been to ArtFriend, Typo, Smiggles, Muji...the list goes on. And they've got some pretty fun stuff there. I'm probably gonna grab some stuff on the way home because once I get back home...T-two months until college 😢😭😊

Look. At. All. Those. Pens 😢

// First trip out alone! most of you probably know...we're kiiinda country folk so yep us in Singapore is pretty much the story of the country mouse and the city mouse. Travelling on a bus might seem totally normal to some...but not to us xD T'was quite the adventure and we were VERY happy to find ourselves at the right place and not lost! Celebrated with Starbucks :D

// Brought everyone out swimming and then picked up some ice cream later. Toblerone loved it so much he was quick to tell me his plans for our next outing. "Next time we go swimming...let's get ice cream again ok?"

 // Malaysia. We took a weekend trip to Melaca and visited some quite interesting places! And the pool at the hotel 😍

 At the shopping mall πŸ’œ

 The two older boys had an allergic reaction one of the nights in Malaysia, so I slept with Sweet Pea and Toblerone. Oh boyyyyy...the child woke up about every hour and a half and the other kept rolling into my bed. And goodness gracious if you could've seen Sweet Pea's face when she realized I wasn't  Mom xD (yes, she still nurses! :P) 

We also took a river cruise but whilst waiting for the boat we thought we saw an alligator in the river. Our tour guide assured us that there were no alligators. So we went. 

And saw this. Not an alligator true...but still...a relative xD 

Also...driving in Singapore is a nightmare. In Malaysia...AHHHH xD It's about as big as a two lane road in Canada, but here there are cars parked on both sides with cars driving down the middle AND motorcycles and bicyclists weaving in and out. One motorcyclist actually got so close she fell against the bus we were in and had to push herself off to regain her balance. 

// Sushi!! Soooo good and made even more fun because it was delivered to us by these super cool trains! I think I had just as much fun as the younger ones watching the trains speed by with food :D 

Crabstick Salad Sushi...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
(my mouth is literally watering just seeing this picture)

 // Back on laundry duty! I normally do the laundry at home and just started doing it again here. Except it's different. For one, they don't have dryers because it just makes more econmical sense to hang the clothes outside to dry. It's so warm anyway.

 But in apartments...*shudders* It makes my skin crawl every time I look down.

 // Deja vu!

 // Dare Devil's 7th birthday! We celebrated with this p.r.e.t.t.y awesome Transformers cake that my grand uncle and grant aunt bought for him.

That about sums it up for now! 2.5 weeks gone...4.5 weeks to go! :D


  1. OK THIS IS ALL SOOOO AMAZING!!! THE POOLS. AHH. BUT I AM FREAKING OUT OVER THAT HEIGHT, THOUGH. 0-0 Nooo, thanks... I'd have to pay a sib to do the laundry on my turn... LOL!
    ♥♥ Have fun and thanks for the pics!

    1. Aww haha thanks Angela! Haaaa yeah...I don't think I'll ever get used to the height. Just...too much xD

  2. You have been busy! Such fun. Sweet Pea is so cute. Hmm, that height might make me hesitate at first, but I'd probably get used to it really quickly. Heights don't usually bother me. ;)

    1. Oh haha really? That's awesome ^_^ I get the shivers with heights. So why I went into a suspended playground I have NO clue but yeahhh I'll post more about that later xD

  3. Tag you're it!

  4. It's been so long since I last dropped by here! *hugs* I've missed you and your beautiful family. This trip sounds like such a special time; how cool that God made a way for you and your family to visit Asia! I hope you're savoring the experience, dear friend. ♥

    1. Ahh, Hosanna! *hugs* It's so great to hear from you! Thank you so's a huge blessing that we were able to visit Singapore again - anyway all of us together before we start spreading wings and leaving the nest ;) And congratulations on your new baby sister! I've been seeing pictures of her and she is soooo adorable! <3 Blessings!

    2. That's such a sweet time! I'm glad you're able to savor that special family trip... I know what it's like to wonder how long it will be until siblings begin to spread their wings. *sigh* =) We're so thankful that, despite the growing up stage, God brought another little one into our family. Thank you for rejoicing with us. =) Life is certainly a gift from God!


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