Sunday, 16 July 2017

Family Vacation Photos...Finally!!'s hard to believe it's been over a month since we went to Virginia!!! Seriously though...I loved Every. Single. Moment of it. Sunsets and beaches and horses and ahhhhhh - it was so dreamy...I would definitely go there again :D And now FINALLY - here are those pics I promised you. A mix of photos from my camera and phone...145 in total (although I'm fairly certain the photo count went down when I deleted some accidental duplicates.)  It took pretty much all night to upload all of these, otherwise I think this post probablyyyy would have gone up last night xD 

Anyhoo, here they are! Hope you enjoy them :) 

On the road! 

At Cracker Barrel! Love at first sight ^_^ 

Found the end of the rainbow! 

Totally went crazy with sunset pictures this trip xD 

At Jackspot...a beautiful restaurant in Cape Charles. Seriously peoples, THE BEST! Dinner outside, by the beach, cool breeze, watching a sunset, delicious food, and country music. *dreamy sigh* 

Crab cake burger thingy :P No clue what the exact name was...but oh my goodness it is SO GOOD!!!! 

'Twas windy...

Beach Day!! 

OH! And the house we rented...was on a RAINBOW street. It was AMAZING *insert a million hearts* All the houses were different colours, it was soooooo cool! 

 I love chocolate ice cream...And I found out about this other flavour that had even MORE chocolate in it and I'm totallyyyy in love. But they don't sell it in Canada :( Marsh mud...SO DELICIOUS. (it also stains my teeth all brown.... #reality)

Misty of Chincoteague!! 

All ready for the Sunset Cruise! 

First wild pony sighting!!! 

Just saying.....these particular horses INSISTED on hiding their heads in them bushes *sigh* But I still love how the sun is reflecting off their bodies and making them look so golden and all :) 


All them crazies :D 

Ok this picture was by pure accident. Had NO CLUE Sweet Pea was doing that when I took the picture and it wasn't until I was looking over the photos I had taken that I finally noticed xD 

Home Sweet Home


  1. wow! It seems like you guys had a wonderful time.
    I love the sign in the second last photo!

    1. Me too, Tiff!
      Btw, Blessings, you people just went to one of my favorite states... although I have never been there before in my whole life...
      Yup, I can see why you all got so dreamy-like... I would have, too!!

  2. Love the pictures!!!! Wow. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing a part of your vacation with us.

    That rainbow street is awesome! And the first sunset pictures are GORGEOUS!

    Also your little siblings are so cute! <3

  3. I'm so glad that you all had such a great vacation! I love the beach! :D
    All of the sunset pictures are super pretty. I had a lot of fun hearing about your trip and looking at all of the fun pictures, Blessing!

  4. Wow, that seems like a beautiful vacation! It looks like you guys had an awesome trip! I love the sunset pictures/beach pictures/basically all of them :D. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was going to read this when you posted it, but that was a very crazy time. And then it got buried and I forgot about it until I read your last post. :)

    Wow! That's a lot of wonderful pictures! It sure looks like you all had a blast. We took a vacation out to Chincoteague and got to to to Assateague and see the horses. It was so much fun! Sweet Pea is so cute! :) <3


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