Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Our Month in told by the phone

Another month has come and gone...can you believe it? Time is going by way. too. quickly. And whewy, I gotta say, this year so far has been one of the most complicated, busiest years ever. Lots of prayer would be greatly appreciated 😊's our month of May - in pictures! (and captions. Of course ;)) 

My best friend gave me this DARLING cup and it was positively necessary to
try and make a cappuccino. Just saying...when you don't have an expresso machine
and you have to foam/steam your own milk by'll end up with an arm ache ;)
But it was sooooo good in the end :D  

Oh this cutie pie has not only started eating solids...she's also crawling
*cries* She's growing up too fast :/ 

Late night snack...peanut butter and gingersnaps 
Volunteered at the PCC relay again this year and had so much fun with these AWESOME people! :D 

Taught a baking and blogging camp this month and had way too much fun! ^_^ 
(two camps, in case anyone was getting confused xD One baking camp, one blogging. Not those two combined into one....)

My motivation to keep teaching...notes from my students! I got this darling letter in the mail
from my English class student 💜💜💜💜

Ahh yes...results of teaching laminated dough (croissants) for baking camp. Due to the fact that
the camp was live, I made THREE batches of croissant dough so that everyone could see the whole
process. Boy oh boy. After that...we had WAY too many croissants. Bags and containers and more bags full...
apparently there IS such a thing as too many croissants :P 

Perks to getting your driver's license...getting to go out for an afternoon with your siblings!
Drove to town, hung out at a park and ate ice cream. #awesomeness

Cream puffs...😋

Oh yeahhhhhh....WE'RE GOING ON VACATION *cheers* *does the happy dance*
*runs around in circles and jumps up and down in excitement* Seriously...I have been looking
forward to a vacation in sooooo long and we're finally going on one! And apparently the cottage we'll be staying at has THE cutest crow's nest (that I may or may not be really really really wanting to sleep in) and we'll get to take lots of pictures, and have some much needed family fun and yesssss.....can't wait!!! Anyhoo...I got to pack everything and yep. Lots and lots of stuff :P 

Have this little buddy to help me pack though ;) 

Aaaaannnnddd....latest baking venture is this Lego man birthday cake. It was quite ....interesting ;P 

Those are arms FYI. Not slugs. Or earrings. Or green fish. 

Hand-made Lego bricks. My neck hurts thinking about them xD 

Final result! 

Birthday Boy!! Happy 6th, little buddy :D *throws confetti* 

How was everyone's May? 

Ya'll ready for summer??


  1. Those desserts look AMAZING! Next time you have too many croissants send me a few! ;) Mmm, now I'm hungry. *goes off to look for something* *comes back with ice cream* That works. :) Aaaaaanyway. Looks like a fun May! Hope your vacation is fantastic!

    1. Haha, will do, Bethany! Oooohhh nice ;) Ice cream always works :D Thank you so much! :D

  2. I always have fun reading your end of the month posts, Blessing! They’re always so fun! :)
    I hope you all have a wonderful vacation!!!! :D
    Oh my goodness, that Lego cake is so fun!

    1. Awww...thank you so much, Rebekah! Glad you enjoy reading them :D And hehe, thanks!

  3. Whoa! Okay, let me first agree that May went by WAY TOO QUICKLY! I didn't even get a chance to catch up on your April post! :P I did skim it quickly, but don't have time to comment on that right now too. Sorry.
    Wow, this looked like a crazy month for you. I can't believe Sweet Pea is crawling! How could that be? Love the lego cake you made. :) Very fun and creative.
    Oh, a vacation sounds really, really nice right now. But I think I'm too busy to take one. *sighs* Enjoy it and I'm looking forward to lots of pictures. :)

    1. Yeahh...May DID go by extremely fast. Oh haha, no problemo at all ;) I'm having a hard time commenting on any blogs lately... :/ I read the posts, but rarely ever have time to's really bad of me *cringes* sound like you could take a vacation about now ;) But yes, of course, I'll be posting lots of pictures soon :D Thank you for commenting! ^_^


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