Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Deliver // It's Finally Here!!!

Ahhh....Deliver is finally here! You heard right! You can go to Amazon and buy it RIGHT NOW! Yippee!!! When I first heard about Deliver finally being released....I immediately told my sister and we both jumped up and down in excitement. And then we got to read it and ahhh. Wish the series was continuing on!!! 

My Review: 

** spoiler alert ** Ahhhh.....this book is SO amazing! (I'm soooo afraid I might give away a spoiler, so I'm gonna put that alert on just in case ;)) Yes, I laughed. Yes, I cried. And YES, I LOVED IT!!! :D Resolved to finish reading the book one night and stayed up until 1am. *whispers* and I don't regret it at all ;) Learning more about Martyn's past was heartbreaking, and then when he finally found well, you know who, (although really, it was the other person who found Martyn...) and it was all explained...ahhhh the tears xD When I first found out that the book followed more Martyn instead of Leith and Renna and Brandi, I was a little disappointed that there wouldn't be a lot of them. But turns out, there was just enough! The book didn't stay on Martyn the whole time, it went to Leith or Renna or Brandi too and *happy sigh* LOVE it!

And actually, I found myself really interested in learning more about Martyn. He seemed so wary and doubtful of everyone around him, and his sarcasm was - well, kinda hard. He really sounded quite angry with the world at the beginning. But then he met Kayleigh and he softened and ahhhhh :)

One of my favourite scenes? The soap scrubbing. Definitely the soap scrubbing ;P And Martyn and Kayleigh πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Soooo happy that Martyn finally has a happy ending and is able to trust again. For all his tough outside character, he can be pretty sweet sometimes :) 

There were some pretty intense scenes...like the burning and all. Goodness, I had tears running down my face while I was reading that. Didn't move a muscle while I was reading, was so caught up in the story! (also possibly because I was precariously perched on a chair under my loft trying to stay warm because it was 12 in the morning and I didn't want to go to sleep until I finished the book ;)) But just saying right now, if you haven't read this book yet...you must!! In fact, you gotta read the whole series if you haven't already. Because seriously you all. It's amazing. ^_^ 

Other Ways To Find out about The Blades of Acktar

Glad ya asked ;) 

Ms. Mingerink will be hosting a Facebook Party HERE on April 28th. You can go to the webpage for more details on times and stuff. 

Ooooh yes...and if you haven't read The Blades of Acktar yet, but you want to - now is your chance. ALL the books in the series are on sale right at this very moment! 

*sigh* Look at all these lovely books.... 

Anyway...school is beckoning. But I had to hop onto here and join all the other bloggers and Goodreaders and Facebookers posting about the release of the new book ;) Just a warning, you may or may not get a lot of posts about The Blades of Acktar coming in the next little bit :D

Have you read these books yet? (if you say no, I'm gonna tell you to go read them again. And again. And again ;))


  1. NO, I HAVEN'T'. Who is it, anyways?

    1. Author is Tricia Mingerink! I'll be posting more about the series the next few days, so you'll get to know a bit more about the books :)

  2. OMyguac girl. All the feels right XD And the soap scene is slayyy. Like things couldn't get any cuter <3<3<3 But seriously, Martyn is a precious little nugget, no matter how arrogant he is! This was an awesome review, and I agree with you 178%!!! I'm SO happy it's finally released in paperback...... but I can't help the sadness over the fact that it's the conclusion of the Blades of Acktar *cries* Well, at least that's what Tricia Mingerink says. You never know how those characters will haunt her, and maybe make her continue!


    1. Haha, yessss....the soap scene! :D And yeahh...still trying to wrap my head over the fact that it's the end of the series! I mean - how?! Oh dear haha, well...I wouldn't complain if we got a fifth book ;)

  3. *bounces impatiently as I wait for my copy to arrive from Amazon* XP

  4. Awesome series! Loved the whole thing and yes, I have stayed up way too late reading these books. XD

    Yes!! The soap! "Blistering soapsuds!"

    You should join the conversation on Goodreads in the Blades of Acktar group about Deliver. It's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. YESSS!!! *has an ARC waiting for me to finish and post about as soon as I get off here and get school done* Awesome review, btw!! :D

  6. Great review, Blessing! I haven't read this book yet, but I hope to this summer. :) I read the first three last summer. :)


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