Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy New Year!

6 days late o_O

Hello everyone! Apologies for the disappearance from the has been absolutely hectic lately. To sum it up as quickly as possible, our online school closed down, leaving us scrambling for courses (it's really sad because the head of the school was soo nice :( ), I sprained my ankle (snowboarding on a toboggan with Tiger Lily ...not the smartest idea), we celebrated Tiger Lily's 15th birthday (hurrazie!), hosted a few Christmas/New Year parties(soooo much fun!), I got a teaching position (o_O crazy but awesome...more on that later hopefully ;)), oh yes, and I also took my driving test (didn't pass, but maybe next time! :D)

But one of the most exciting things ever....

My friend is releasing her new book!!! *squeals*

Olivia is hosting a blog tour for her brand new book, Racing for Time. You can check out her blog here for more details on participating: Racing for Time - Blog Tour 

You excited now? I know I am! Can't wait!!! :D 


  1. How cool! sorry about your school and your ankle, but other then that it sounds like you had a great new year!

    1. Thanks, Marrok! Yep, it was a great new year! :D Hope you had an amazing one too! :D

  2. Wow! You sure started off the year with a crash! Or maybe you ended the other with a crash. ;) Either way . . . Sorry to hear about you ankle! My niece sprained her knee earlier in December and it hasn't healed completely yet. I hope you all can figure out a new school course or something.

    1. Hehe, yeahhh...either way works ;)

      Oohhhh....the poor dear! I hope she feels better soon! Sprains aren't fun at all! :(

  3. Sorry about your school, and you ankle! Hope you heal up fast. :) Happy late birthday to Tiger Lily! :D
    Olivia's book sounds interesting! Thank you for sharing, it's on my to read list!
    Happy new year, Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, Angela! :D Happy new year to you too! ^_^

  4. Aww, hope your ankle is feeling better!! <3 Yes, that's so sad about the school... I was only taking one course through them this year (planning to take 2+ next year), so thankfully that worked out rather easily. Hope everything smooths over for you too!! :)
    Teaching position?! Details, girl!! ;)


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