Sunday, 4 December 2016

November Highlights

It's December, it's December, it's December!! Yippee!!! At the moment, it is snowing hard. Before today, all we had was brown dead grass and rather warm weather. But then all of a sudden it just all started coming down. We might have a white Christmas after all! We just finished setting up our Christmas tree, with the Christmas music going on full blast :)'s my wrap up post for November. (I know... I'm 4 days late (possibly 5 depending on when I post this. It's currently December 4th, 10:59 pm...wonder how long it'll take to publish this? ;)) 

Well, as you all probably know from my previous post, we had a rather big even happen in November. We met our new baby sister! :D She is soooo adorable! 💗 💗 💗 After a couple weeks or so, Mom and Dad finally came up with a name for her. I can't share it on here :( although I really wish I could; it's such a beautiful name! Gonna have to find a pseudonym for her....any of you have some ideas? ;) 

Tiger Lily, Snow White, and I made a little threesome band together with piano, fiddle, and whistle. We were really surprised at how well it sounded on our first try. It was actually so good, we were later able to convince our piano teacher to let us play it at our annual Christmas recital. 
Our piano teacher was impressed with the song we came up and personally, I think she really really loved Snow White's whistle playing ;) She asked us to play at two concerts instead of just the one. The day of the performance, we all had the normal stage jitters, but when it came time to play. . . this little star completely rocked it!

It was her first time playing a solo on stage, and in front of over 60 people too. And she did it twice! If I'm able, I'll see if I can share a video later on ;) 

Mom also celebrated her birthday this month as well! Dad surprised her with a little cake .... Go Dad! :D 

Maple also had her 7th birthday...and got a huge bone for her present. She loves it ;) 

Ooohh yes....and we also had our annual PCC (Pregnancy Care Centre) banquet. A great time with friends volunteering for a great cause! 

Oh hehe, and work. It has been so much fun working at Tim Hortons, and I'm really enjoying it. It was craziest when I first started, just because I had no idea what to do. But now I've caught on and it's been quite the experience. Oh yeah and I - uh - caught bread on fire. But just once :P I was on Sandwiches and Soups (basically making food orders) and put some buns into the toaster. The wrong way. I was wondering why they wouldn't come out, looked inside and found them burning merrily at the back. Strangely enough, no one freaked out. The girl who was helping me saw them, grabbed a stick, pushed them out, and said "There ya go." End of story xD 

The Random Parts of Life 

Just random pictures from random times ;) 

Books goal from last month was to read 8 books...I think I did. I'm not totally sure because I was so busy I didn't really keep count on what I read. I will say though, most of the books I read were short stories. So does that count? ;) 

I found out earlier this month that the new church we're going to has a library...with a lot of books that I've been wanting to read for awhile. So yeah...that made me very happy :D 

Has anyone seen Moana? I haven't...but I really really want to! The trailers look awesome and the songs! Argh - amazing! How Far I'll Go is probably my favourite; it's stuck in my head at the moment. 

Light of the World by Lauren Daigle has also been a very commonly listened to song lately. Partly because it's the song that we played at the Christmas recital ;) 

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. Tiger Lily and I are currently trying to record this song. It's so much fun :) 

December Song by Peter Hollens. Any of you here of the contest Peter Hollens is hosting? Soooo many covers of December Song popping up on Youtube ;) I actually did a cover of this with my was so much fun to record and film! :D 

Last month's goals: 
Read 8 books. I think so...
Post at least once or twice a week. Yes! I think it only ended up being once a week though. 
Complete a tag or two. Sadly, no. Gotta try getting those done! 
Experiment with my new camera. Check!  
Comment on y'all's posts from the past month. Saw some pretty awesome posts...and a few vlogs too! :D Check and double check! But now I think I've fallen behind on posts again. 
Record a couple songs. Yes....ish. Kind of in the middle of recording a couple of songs. But I think I finished at least one recording. 

December's Goals
Participate in the 12 Days of Christmas blog link up! 
Finish editing several books I'm beta-reading 
Read 5 books

And that about wraps up this post! Thanks for reading! 

How was your November? 
Anyone excited to celebrate Christ's birth? 
What is one of your favourite Christmas traditions? 


  1. Great post, Blessing. And fun to read. :) Yes, I'm excited about Christmas!
    What?! You have snow again? It's finally gotten cold here. We actually had a heavy frost last night and there's a chance of snow on Wednesday. We'll see if we actually get anything. And when you mentioned a white Christmas, I had to remember that you live in Canada, not down here where it would have to snow the evening before if we wanted to be sure of a white Christmas. :)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Hehe yes, we just had another dump of snow again last night ^_^

  2. She’s SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! What about Little Rainbow? Or PolyChrome? That was the name of a character in the Oz books….she was a beautiful girl made of clouds and light that danced all over the place.

    Oh my goodness…my two sisters and I used to have a group….I played the piano, my twin played the violin and my sister played the recorder. We would perform monthly at a nursing home and we had a big Christmas show and a volunteer night that we had to perform for and we were so nervous! My best memory of this was when we did a four hands piano with my three sisters and our teacher. We played Oh Holy Night at a nursing home and suddenly one the residents whipped out a harmonica and started playing with us! Very special.

    Way to go for Snow White! That can be so nerve wracking, but I’m glad you guys did it!

    Ooo what a tasty cake and what a sweet surprise! Maple is soooo cute…. I love the anecdote about the bread…that is something that would happen to me.
    I love how Far I’ll Go….such a beautiful song, it’s stuck in my head!

    ‘cheers on Blessings’ December goals’ Go for it, Blessing! And God bless you!

    1. Ooohhh....beautiful names! Made of clouds and light? Sounds delightful! :)

      No way! That is just - SO cool! I mean what's the chance we would play the same instruments at concerts? ;) Oh wow, that must have been soooo special when he started playing with you! Amazing!

      Hehe, How Far I'll Go is stuck in my head too. We have to record it sometime!! :D

  3. That’s so fun that you guys have snow!! :D It’s actually snowing here right now! :D I’m so excited!!
    I just have to say again how adorable your new sister is! I can’t wait to see what pseudonym you come up with for her. :)
    That’s so fun that you, Tiger Lily, and Snow White played a song together at your Christmas recital! What instruments do you play?

    1. Hurray for the snow!! ^_^

      Thank you so much, Rebekah! At the concert, I played piano, Tiger Lily played fiddle, and Snow White played on a penny whistle. As for other instruments I play, I learned fiddle this semester and dabble in guitar :)

  4. Your November sounds like it was really good! Congratulations on your new baby sister!! So exciting! We just got a lot of snow today :). I love the snow so much, but it's hard to drive in :). I loved all your "random pictures." The moon photograph is amazing!

    1. Thank you, Shai! got snow too! Any snowball fights lately? ;)

      Thanks! Glad you liked the photo :)

  5. Amazing post, Blessing!! Haha, I love the silly pics of you and your little sis. ;)
    Pseudonym for the baby? Oh goodness, I don't know. How about Sweet Pea?! ^_^

    1. Hehe, thanks, Faith!

      Ooohhh....Sweet Pea is an adorable name! many cute names to choose from! ^_^

  6. Awwwww your baby sister is ADORABLE. I love the idea to call her Sweet Pea. It's so cute! ^_^ I've loved looking at your blog! It's so lovely. <3


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