Saturday, 14 November 2015

Day #245 - #258

Alrighty! Here is the Photo-A-Day Challenge post....finally! So sorry for the looong delay in posting this, but it was a little hectic with all my school and all that good yeah! 

But, here it is at last! )

Saturday, October 31: Fresh Baked Cookies

Sunday, November 1: Karaoke Time. . . I think! 
I don't think Mom and Dad would particularly like it if I posted this somewhat
crazy photo of them, so I just put a ? on it. But...I did take a picture that day! :) 
Monday, November 2: Ladybug Land

For some reason, there were tons of ladybugs flying all over the place. I couldn't step outside
without getting ladybugs flying into my face and hair. So I snapped a few photos and then rushed back inside
Creeping crawlies creeping down my neck are not a particularly nice sensation
Tuesday, November 3: Cup o'Tea and Toast

Wednesday, November 4: A Foggy Morning

Thursday, November 5: Hairstyles! :) 

Friday, November 6: DNA from a Banana

Saturday, November 7: Volunteering at the PCC Banquet
On coat-check! ;)
Sunday, November 8: Homemade Pizza

Monday, November 9: Dare Devil

Tuesday, November 10: Home Recording Studio 

Wednesday, November 11: Lest We Forget

Thursday, November 12: DNA Model
Question for all the scientists out there: What base does RNA have that DNA doesn't have? 
Friday, November 13: Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Hope you enjoyed the post! 
What was your favourite picture?


  1. That cute hairstyle and the foggy morning are SO PRETTY!!! =D And the cookies and pizza looks delicious...It's a good thing supper is almost ready! :)

  2. Thanks Faith! :) *sends over some virtual cookies* Eat them for dessert? ;)

    1. Yum!! Those were great. I really must get your recipe. LOL. =)

  3. More great pictures. I don't know if I can pick a favorite. The foggy morning has a sense of adventure about it, while the "tea and toast" has more of a safe and relaxing feel. And that pan of cookies . . . well, I'm hungry. Can I have some? :)

  4. Thank you, Rebekah! As for the cookies....sure! Help yourself :D

  5. I like all the fun pictures! : )
    I really like the foggy morning one, it is so cool.
    We have a ton of ladybugs around our place too. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! The foggy morning picture is actually from our music video, which we'll hopefully be finishing soon :) Glad you like the pictures! :D

  6. This post was very fun to read! Thanks for sharing!
    The pictures are beautiful like always! :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Glad you had fun reading it :)


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