Thursday, 1 October 2015

Day #209 - 215

Friday, September 25: Frosted Cupcakes

Saturday, September 26: Pastels

Sunday, September 27: Basket of Stuffed Animals
(You can't see all of them, but there are actually about 10 stuffed animals
in this basket. A very tight squeeze....but there wasn't any room elsewhere 
and I did not want to get rid of any of them. Some of them
are very old, for example, I've had the pink bear on the very right since
I was born :)

Monday, September 28: 19 Roses for a Special Someone. . .

Happy 19th Anniversary, Dad and Mom! 

Tuesday, September 29: Egg with no Shell 

Wednesday, September 30: Highlights of Toblerone's Photo Shoot

Thursday, October 1: Red Egg
Part of a science experiment I'm doing. Something to do with diffusion and osmosis. . . ;)


  1. Aren't cupcakes THE BEST!!!!!!!! :) Happy anniversary to your parents! My parents anniversary was this past week. ;)
    AN EGG WITH NO SHELL???!! *jaw drop* How cool! I'm jealous...just a tittle... :)

    1. Yes cupcakes are so good! :) But the chocolate ones need some improving on. I was experimenting with vanilla batter and cocoa and the plain chocolates were kinda bitter tasting :P But the marble ones came out way better :)

      The shellless (is that a word?) egg wasn't laid by a chicken :) I just soaked a regular egg in vinegar until the shell dissolved away. You should try it, it's really fun! :)

    2. Oh, and happy anniversary to YOUR parents! That's so cool that our parents' anniversaries are so close!!!

    3. Okay, my smidge of jealously left... ;) LOL
      Did you do anything special? I'd love to do that! :)

  2. That plate that I keep seeing the some of the photo's makes me go crazy inside since we have those same plates :P
    I liked the egg with no shell a lot....and the others ones, like the stuffed animals in the basket.

    1. Aha, you were the one that said you had plates like ours! I was thinking about it last night and I knew that someone had a plate like it and I just couldn't remember who it was. But now I know! :D

  3. how did you make the red egg? it's so cool!

    1. I let the shell less egg soak in water and food colouring for a couple of days. Are you planning on doing something like it? It would be so much fun if you did different colours. Just be careful cause the skin on the egg is extremely thin and it will pop easily if bounced around too much! :)

    2. no, i'm not planning to try it, but i might some day..looks fun!


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