Sunday, 25 October 2015

Michigan Day Two

Okay. . . so it's been about 3 weeks since my last Michigan post, but I think I'll finally be able to get this done! :) Was thinking about saving it for Christmas or something like that, but I had said Michigan Day One, which the meant that there was probably a Day Two somewhere, so yeah! :D 

Our second day we spent at Bronner's Christmas Store. It. was. amazing! Bursting with lights, and colours, and SO many different Christmas ornaments! Oh, and they were playing Christmas music too! I love listening to Christmas music. Don't you? :) We don't usually play Christmas music all year round, which I wish we could do sometimes, but I do sing a couple of them at random points of the year. :D 

Toblerone thought that the bears were real and was a little scared at first, but he got over it!

These were actually mugs. You turn them upside down so that they're standing
on their fins and you drink out of them. So cool! 

Oh yeah. . .and in some sections of the store, they had giant cookies hanging from the
ceiling. Couldn't figure out what they were at first, they were so big :P 

Ahh yes, and then usually for Christmas, we get an ornament with a character for each person. . . if that makes sense! But after Dare Devil, it got really hard to find one that had enough room for 8. And pretty much impossible to find one for 9. But since we were at the largest Christmas store in the world, we thought we might as well look through it and see if we could find one for 9.

YES!!! A nine! Only problem was that Mom didn't like it. And there
wasn't enough room for our names :( 

There was a table for Bronner and a bunch of articles and papers, and stuff like that on him. It was really cool!

And guess what? He was a photographer too! :) And this is one cool camera, if I do say so myself! :D

At the cafe, we met these two jolly people. . .

drinking coke and gingerbread cookies? :P

A bouquet of edelweiss that was on a shelf near the ordering counter.
I think I focused on the sign more than on the flowers. . .oops! ;)

Such a great plaque!

I love these kind of ornaments. They're so pretty and look so fragile!

One of the many walls that were covered in ornaments

Random picture of Ironman! :) 

Horse display!
Tiger Lily found this so funny for some reason

Glass clusters. . .ahhh I could look at these forever! :) 

Ironman jammin' on . . . an ornament?  We found the music sections! :) 

Oh, and one of my favourite parts of this amazing store! They had an Around the World display which was sooo cool! They had ornaments that reflected different countries' cultures and styles, so beautiful and unique!

Proud Canadian! :P 

And now this might be a little weird. . .but they had one of the prettiest restrooms I've ever seen! :) It was so beautiful, believe it or not!

And yes, just like me, I remembered to take a picture of the sign AFTER we left the building. *sigh*

There was also a Silent Night Memorial Chapel on the grounds, so we stopped by to check it out and for me to take some pictures.

And that was the end of that day! We drove to the hotel and just relaxed our aching legs and Tiger Lily and I got ready for our lab intensive the next day. 

And just as a quick summary of the next two days, Tiger Lily and I did 14 labs in total, including a cow-eye dissection, a fetal pig dissection (the poor pig looked so cute, I felt like a monster cutting into it :( Oh yeah, and then my group accidentally tied our pig's legs too tight when we were getting it ready for cutting, so he kinda split down the side of the chest. It was very sad. . . but that's another story! ) And while we did that, the rest of the family went to the Henry Ford museum again, but this time to see all the cars and stuff. ;) 

Hope you enjoyed the post! 

What was your favourite Christmas ornament? 

Do you like singing Christmas songs all year round or waiting until the Christmas season to come before you start playing all those amazing songs?

What was your favourite part of the post? 


  1. I liked a lot of the ornament's so I don't have a favorite! :)
    I usually wait until Christmas for Christmas songs, but of course sometimes I randomly sing Christmas song throughout the year :P
    My favorite part of the post was looking at all of the pictures!!!(Yea....I have a hard time choosing favorite parts! :D

  2. I don't think I'd be able to pick a favorite ornament. There were so many that I liked. :)
    I love Christmas time. And Christmas music is big part of it. But at my house we don't turn on the Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. (Unless I have to practice Christmas music for something. :) )
    It looks like you all must have had a wonderful time there.

  3. Well, I didn't have a favourite ornament either, Rebekah and Rebekah! :D

    Glad you liked the post ;) And thanks for commenting!


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